US Chamber’s Bruce Josten: 112th Congress Will be Reacting to Previous Congress

US Chamber’s Bruce Josten Predicts 112th Congress will be Reacting to Legislation Passed by Previous Congress Neal Asbury opened the show by praising the reading of the US Constitution during the swearing-in ceremony of the 112th Congress. “It was a great idea and a breath of fresh air. They should repeat this during every swearing-in ceremony.” This notwithstanding, the new Congress has their work cut out for them. Asbury noted that while... Read More

Former Chicago Politician Jim Laski: Daley Appointment Designed to Fool the Public

Former Chicago Politician and Radio Host Jim Laski Maintains that Daley Appointment as Obama Chief Of Staff is Designed to Fool the Public that Obama is Moving Toward the Center Joining the show as a returning guest was Jim Laski, a former Chicago politician and radio personality. Laski spent a total of 28 years in the political arena, partly in Washington, DC, and 16 years as an elected official serving as an alderman and Chicago City Clerk. Laski... Read More

Hillary Clinton Has Caught Obama Apologitis

Looking at photos of Hillary Clinton laughing it up with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez last week, I think it’s clear she is showing signs of “Obama Apologitis.” This is a disease that first manifested itself in 2009 when President Obama embarked on his world apology tour going out of his way to apologize to our enemies for America’s policies, while largely snubbing our allies. To help jog your memory, the Heritage Foundation listed his top 10... Read More

Will 2011 be the Year of Compromise or the Year of Paralysis?

The year 2010 was like a film that flickered before us with the usual events playing out on the screen – politician’s posturing for ultimate domination. Then in November, someone spliced in a surprise ending. We knew that the GOP would take back the House, but then suddenly President Obama began supporting the Bush tax cuts, the same tax cuts he campaigned so vigorously against. We didn’t see that coming. But here are five predictions... Read More

Truth for America Panel: Tea Party Movement will Expand Influence

Truth for America Panel Predicts that in 2011 Tea Party Movement will Expand Influence on Republican Policy Decisions Neal Asbury opened the show by expressing profound disappointment that during the lame duck session Republicans failed to make the extension of the Bush tax cuts permanent. As this failure sends a message to small business and entrepreneurs that it’s still not time to invest. The upshot will be that unemployment will continue... Read More

Former Iranian CIA Agent Reza Kahlili: North Korea is Helping Iran test its Nuclear Weapons

Joining Neal Asbury’s nationally syndicated “Neal Asbury’s Truth for America Show” on WZAB-AM, was Reza Kahlili, a pseudonym for a former CIA agent and member of Iran’s notorious Revolutionary Guard. He is the author of “A time to Betray: The Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran.” Writing for, Kahlili recently revealed that Iran is about to test a nuclear bomb in North Korea, at... Read More

Taxation as Self-Flagellation

The two things to understand about our economy are American entrepreneurs and small business owners create wealth where wealth does not exist. They expand the wealth pool of all Americans, not just themselves. By expanding America’s wealth pool they increase America’s tax base. Therefore by creating policies that get our best producing businesses feeling confident about the future we solve all sorts of problems not least of which is job creation... Read More

Can the U.S. Afford to Lose Any More Friends?

When it looked like we would finally have a signed Free Trade Agreement with South Korea, an important U.S. ally, I was optimistic that it signaled a sea of change in our approach to trade relations. Boy, was I naïve! The word from the White House is that the U.S.-Colombian Free Trade Agreement, first signed in 2006, will not be readied for final passage. Once again, American trade unions have been able to convince President Obama that passage... Read More

Did the U.S. Really Win the Tire Fight with China?

The headline in The Wall Street Journal was “U.S. Wins China-Tire Fight,” and proceeded to detail how the ”World Trade Organization handed the U.S. a big victory in a fight with China over tire imports, bolstering the Obama administration’s effort to show it is tough on enforcement as it girds for a battle in Congress over passage of a free trade pact with South Korea. The WTO’s Dispute-Settlement Panel ruled last Monday in favor of... Read More

Exports Are Good Gauge of US Growth

We’ve grown so accustomed to reading about bad news that when there’s a glimmer of hope, it’s largely ignored. Suddenly, like when a flower sprouts at the end of one of those apocalyptic movies, the U.S. trade deficit has narrowed and exports are up despite the fact that trade has been largely ignored and mishandled by our government for years. Drawn on a proud history of rebounding after economic meltdowns, trade has found a... Read More