Hillary Clinton Has Caught Obama Apologitis

Looking at photos of Hillary Clinton laughing it up with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez last week, I think it’s clear she is showing signs of “Obama Apologitis.” This is a disease that first manifested itself in 2009 when President Obama embarked on his world apology tour going out of his way to apologize to our enemies for America’s policies, while largely snubbing our allies.

To help jog your memory, the Heritage Foundation listed his top 10 apologies during 2009, which were largely seen as a diminishment of America’s international power and prestige.
1) In a trip to France he apologized that “America Has Shown Arrogance”.
2) In January of 2009, in an interview with Al Arabiya, he sent an apology to the Muslim World under the heading :”We Have Not Been Perfect”.
3) During an April 2009 trip to Spain to the Summit of the Americas, he proclaimed “At Times We Sought to Dictate Our Terms”.
4) At the G-20 Summit of World Leaders, he opined that we need “Some Restoration of America’s Standing in the World”.
5) In a speech in Washington, which was largely seen as an apology for the War on Terror, he proclaimed that “We Went off Course”.
6) During another trip to France, he apologized for Guantanamo, asserting that America was “Sacrificing its Values” (after vowing to close Guantanamo by January 2010, it is still open with no end in sight incarcerating 172 terrorists).
7) In a speech to the Turkish Parliament in April of 2009, he confessed that America was going through “Our Own Darker Periods in Our History”.
8 ) Speaking about US policy, he apologized for the fact that “The United States Has Not Pursued and Sustained Engagement with Our Neighbors”.
9) He apologized to foreign prisoner combatants at a CIA conference that “Potentially We’ve Made Some Mistakes” after releasing details of the CIA’s interrogation techniques.
10) In May of 2009, the President apologized again to detainees labeling Guantanamo as “A Rallying Cry for Our Enemies”.

And now our Secretary of State is cozying up to a world leader who is guilty of countless human rights violations and who has set himself up as a dictator. His hatred for the United States is well known and he has continually found platforms to demean us.

Hugo Chavez will never be a friend of the US no matter how many photo ops he manages. Let’s get Hillary Clinton vaccinated quickly against a new outbreak of Obama Apologitis.

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