Former White House Press Secretary John Carlson: A Disastrous Future for California

Former White House Press Secretary John Carlson sees a Disastrous Future for California as it Struggles with Unemployment, Immigration and the Environment Neal Asbury opened the show by declaring that he was saddened by President Obama’s performance during his Asian trip, where he failed to push the US agenda and have it supported by world leaders. “Our President was scolded by our global trading partners during the G-20 Summit. America is... Read More

Congressman Kevin Brady

Kevin Brady considers it an honor to be representing the 8th District of Texas in the U.S House of Representatives. A pro-family, pro-small business conservative, Kevin’s strong belief in free enterprise guides him as the Senior House Republican on the Joint Economic Committee. A Deputy Whip for the GOP Leadership team, Kevin serves on the House Ways & Means Committee, considered by many to be the most powerful committee in Congress, with... Read More

Congressman Tom McClintock

Congressman Tom McClintock was elected in November 2008 to represent the 4th Congressional District in the United States Congress. During 22 years in the California State Legislature, and as a candidate for governor in California’s historic recall election, Tom McClintock has become one of the most recognizable political leaders in California. First elected to the California Assembly at the age of 26, McClintock quickly distinguished himself as... Read More

Looking at Strike Three

If President Obama was trying to revive his approval ratings with his foreign tour and dance demonstrations, he’s heading in the wrong direction. First, he struck out in South Korea on getting a badly needed Free Trade Agreement ratified. Now he’s struck out again in the G-20 Summit where he was unable to convince world leaders to approve US currency policy changes and to put pressure on China to stop manipulating their currency. While there... Read More

What Took You So Long To Wake Up To Trade?

In addition to all the promising changes we hope to see in our government after the Republican election landslide, the Democratic meltdown seems to have awakened President Obama’s interest in trade. Yes, we were initially optimistic that trade would take the forefront of his policies when in his State of the Union address he promised to double exports in five years. But then nothing happened. Now he is embarking on a trip to Asia to expand trade... Read More

John G. Carlson-Former White House Assistant Press Secretary

Mr. Carlson has more than thirty years of domestic and international experience in full-time and consulting-based service to the government and private industry. The White House Assistant Press Secretary under President Nixon and Deputy Press Secretary under President Ford, Mr. Carlson was an integral part of the team that established diplomatic relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. Subsequent to his White House... Read More

Ken Spain-Republican Congressional Committee Communications Director

As communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Spain attempts to craft winning messages for Republican candidates throughout the country. The NRCC’s goal is to elect or re-elect Republicans to the House. Spain, who worked on Republican congressional campaigns as well as on the 2004 George W. Bush re-election campaign, collaborates with Republican candidates, incumbents and House leadership to engage in message... Read More

“Conscientious Equity” Now Available!

Dear Readers, “Conscientious Equity: An American Entrepreneur’s Solution to the World’s Greatest Problems” is about the power for positive change in a world driven by commerce and free enterprise. We must look past worn-out political ideologies to find solutions to the destabilizing issues that plague our planet-crippling corruption, poverty, and environmental plunder. But in a larger sense, “Conscientious Equity”... Read More

Can You Hear Us Now?

I have repeatedly taken President Obama to task for not listening to the will of the American people. Now after the drubbing Democrats took in the House (the largest reversal in party change since the 1930s), he better be listening now! He better be listening that the American people don’t want a socialist agenda, don’t want Cap and Trade, don’t want Card Check, and don’t want Obama Care. It’s time for him to start spending more time... Read More

Panel Concurs: Obama’s Arrogance Played Role in Democratic Loss

Truth for America Panel Concurs that President Obama’s Arrogance Played Large Role in Historic Democratic Election Loss Neal Asbury opened the show by proposing that while President Obama seemed not to listen to the will of the American people, after the drubbing Democrats took in the House (the largest reversal in party change since the 1930s), “he better be listening now. He better be listening that the American people don’t want a socialist... Read More