16 Ways To Solve The United States Trade Deficit

Plenty Can Be Done To Solve America’s Trade Vision Deficit Disorder (TVDD) At a time when our country is fixated on a protracted political process passionately promising to cure all our ills, this would be an excellent time for our presidential candidates to put forward their vision to solve the most critical economic issue of our time, our degenerative trade deficit. Unfortunately they appear to suffer from Trade Vision Deficit Disorder... Read More

$10 For A Gallon Of Gasoline In The United States?

Oil Will Be the Defining Issue for United States/China Relations For several years before Deng Xiaoping initiated China’s economic reforms in 1982, one of the few opportunities to experience The Peoples Republic of China was to climb a ridge in Hong Kong’s New Territories. As I made my way up the rocky slope I could feel the steady crescendo of my heart anxiously pounding at my rib cage.  Peering through the trees into the valley below I could... Read More

Free Trade Agreements Can Alleviate World Poverty

The River’s Edge Upon arriving in Jakarta for the first time nearly twenty-eight years ago, I hurriedly checked into one of the city’s most luxurious hotels and headed straight to the concierge to inquire where I could see a live performance of Gamelan. A puzzled attendant looked at me for a moment to ensure he heard correctly, then lit up with a contagious smile. He took out a Bahasa-Indonesia language newspaper and approvingly informed me... Read More

Neal Asbury in The Miami Herald!

Now that he has been named the Small Business Association’s National Champion Exporter of the Year, Neal Asbury can also claim two other firsts. Not only is his company, Greenfield World Trade, the first in the state to win the prestigious award, it is also the first time a food service equipment company has been given the honor. ”It’s something that will distinguish our company for years to come,” said Asbury, 50. ”It’s... Read More

Talking About the True Meaning and Significance of Trade Agreements on The Rich Roffman Show

On my next appearance on The Rich Roffman Show I will be talking about the true meaning and significance of trade agreements: poverty, corruption, environmental concerns and labor laws (child labor laws as one example) and a better way of life for all involved. The question is:  “Why doesn’t this message get across to the average guy??” This could be a good discussion with “real time” answers and examples. Please feel... Read More

Looking Back While Looking Ahead as a Successful Exporter

Receiving the SBA’s Champion Exporter of the Year for 2008, it seemed like a good time to relate how I entered into the arena of international business. I write this for our young people considering a career as an American exporter. One of the most important decisions I made in my fledgling career was to move into Manhattan immediately after graduating from Rowan State University in New Jersey in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  I got a cheap... Read More

Stuck in a 40-year Time Warp…Stop Looking to Milton Friedman

The next time you shop at Wal-Mart, here is something to ponder. Nobel Memorial Prize winner Milton Friedman published Capitalism and Freedom in 1962, written against the backdrop of unrivaled American industrial dominance as Western Europe and Japan rebuilt under the benevolence of the Marshall Plan. During this period, the American policy of absorbing the world’s exports while turning our back on our own industries was perfected under... Read More

Ask Your Top U.S. Trade Policy Questions Here – I’ll Answer Them During My Weekly Radio Show Interview

Here’s where you can ask the gnawing questions you have regarding trade. Here’s where I tackle U.S. trade policy issues. Feel free to post a question of your own.  I will choose a question each week from this blog to further answer during my weekly radio show with Rich Roffman on his radio show on Fridays at 4:30 P.M. on WKAT-AM 1360. Finally, I also welcome you to subscribe to my blog so that you can be kept current on my regular... Read More

Why Aren’t the Voice of Support for American Exporters Being Heard

If the middle class has yet to embrace and fight for our nation’s badly needed trade agreements that will provide scores of new jobs while giving up very little in return, part of the blame must go to trade supporters who have been unable to articulate their vision in a passionate and reassuring way. Most often the spokespeople debating for the free-trade agenda are seen as aloof and out of touch. They come from the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies,... Read More

Failure to Ratify U.S. – Colombian-Free Trade Agreement

The latest battleground of America’s trade future is Colombia. At a time when we should be investing every ounce of our energy to tear down the barriers to American exports in China, Japan and India instead we are side tracked on the U.S.-Colombian Free Trade Agreement that should have quickly passed Congress with broad bipartisan support.  Any reasonable person in less than three minutes should understand why this is good for America. (Read what... Read More