David Drucker-Staff Writer for Roll Call Newspaper

David M. Drucker is a staff writer for Roll Call covering the Senate and broad, national political trends. David helped lead Roll Call’s coverage of President Barack Obama’s drive to pass historic health care reform legislation, after previously working on the newspaper’s Politics team reporting on Congressional campaigns. A Malibu, Calif., native, David came to Roll Call in August 2005 from the Sacramento, Calif., bureau of the Los Angeles... Read More

Steve Lombardo-President and CEO of Lombardo Consulting Group

Steve has been an adviser to both political candidates and major corporations, cutting across a variety of industries including telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, and entertainment. His areas of expertise include public policy/issue management, advertising, and communications evaluation and branding strategy for dozens of Fortune 500 corporations, trade associations, and political candidates. He has managed numerous international... Read More

Republican Adviser Ron Kaufman: President Obama Driving Voters to Republican Party

Top Republican Adviser Ron Kaufman Credits President Obama with Driving Voters to the Republican Party Making a return appearance on “Truth for America” was Ron Kaufman, who has served as an advisor over the last 25 years to Republican Presidents, Governors, Members of Congress and a host of elected and appointed officials at every level of government and today is affiliated with Dutko Worldwide. “If you’re a Republican activist and you... Read More

Former Maritime Commissioner Paul Anderson: African American Voters Should be Insulted Democrats Forcing Out Kendrick Meek

Former Maritime Commissioner Paul Anderson Maintains African American Voters Should be Insulted that Democrats are Forcing Out Senate Candidate Kendrick Meek Making a return appearance on Truth for America was A. Paul Anderson, Senior Fellow at the United States Congress Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure and a former Commissioner-Designated Chairman at the Federal Maritime Commission. Anderson noted that the Senate race is Florida... Read More

Senatorial Candidate Eric Wargotz: Republicans Will Take Back America

U.S. Senatorial Candidate Eric Wargotz Contends That Republicans Will Take Back America During Mid-Terms Neal Asbury opened the show by reminding listeners that they had an opportunity with their vote on November 2nd to make history by “restoring this country’s sanity and integrity”. He asked listeners to imagine how proud they will be when one day they tell their grandkids that they, like millions of others, used their vote to “help prevent... Read More

A Mid-Term Ballot Initiative That Deserves Our Attention

I have often taken big labor unions to task for trying to pass the insidious “card check” bill that would deprive workers of their constitutional right for secret ballots when it comes to voting for unionization. Despite the fact that less than 7.5% of private workers now wear the union label, they’ve been able to get the Obama Administration behind this terrible piece of doomed legislation. That is why it is important to keep your eyes on... Read More

Neal Asbury Addresses The Global Summit: What Will It Take To Co-create A Sustainable Future?

The Global Summit is the transformational event of 2010, uniting influential leaders with those working on the front lines of the most critical social, economic, and environmental issues of our time. San Francisco, CA – November 7-10, 2010, in its second biennial meeting in San Francisco, The Global Summit (www.theglobalsummit.org), unites the most powerful visionary experts, grass-roots change makers, enlightened businesses and organizations... Read More

US Chamber’s Bruce Josten: Concerned Obama’s Decision to Demonize Chamber will only Punish Small Business and Slow Job Creation

Neal Asbury opened the show by wondering why the Obama administration is willing to “throw small business under the bus” so that Democrats can save their skin by not voting to extend the Bush tax cuts. “Most legislators in this country agree that small business is the lifeblood of job creation. So I’m having a hard time understanding why Democrats are choosing to run for the hills rather than extend the Bush tax cuts which would give small... Read More

Federal Commissioner Paul Anderson: When a Party Takes Back the House They Also Take Back the Senate

Joining the show as a returning guest was A. Paul Anderson, Senior Fellow at United States Congress, Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure and a former Commissioner-Designated Chairman at the Federal Maritime Commission . Anderson echoed Neal Asbury’s concern that with a limited number of Obama advisors with practical business experience creating jobs has not been a priority. “If you spend more than $1 trillion that was supposed... Read More

The Myth of Free Trade

The concept of free trade is like a unicorn, they are lovely things to imagine but they don’t exist. The barriers posed by foreign governments, whether in the form of tariffs, currency manipulation, excessive bureaucracy, product certifications, market distortions, corruption, or (as is usually the case) some combination of all of these, make it impossible for a seller of a product in one country to easily market that product in another country.... Read More