Where There Are Jobs, There Are Votes

While the Republican presidential candidate field has yet to gel, CNN’s Republican debate this week drew 3.162 million total viewers including a wide audience of younger voters, according to Nielsen Fast National data. There is building momentum for the Republican Party, even if some of this interest is coming from voters who subscribe to the “Anybody But Obama” doctrine. So why isn’t the Republican Party seizing this golden opportunity? It... Read More

Neal live on Fox & Friends

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When a President Mocks Small Business As an entrepreneur who has worked my entire life to create new businesses, hire more than 200 employees and risk everything I own on my companies, I join the chorus of Americans… [button url="2012/07/when-a-president-mocks-small-business/" target="_self" size="small" style="royalblue" ]Finish Reading[/button]  Read More

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Free enterprise and entrepreneurialism can be the driving force in creating a world that  all  people want to see – a world where poverty is less prevalent, where everyone can dream of doing something meaningful with their life, where all who want to work can find a job that offers decent wages and a sense of dignity, and where our environment is safe for everyone. [button url="http://www.conscientiousequity.com/conscientious-equity-the-book/"... Read More

CEO Neal Asbury is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2011 Florida Award Finalist

Weston, FL,  May 16 – The Legacy Companies  today announced that CEO Neal Asbury is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2011 Florida Award finalist. According to Ernst & Young LLP, the awards program recognizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. Neal Asbury was selected as a finalist from... Read More

Concerened Educators Doing Their Best

I recently addressed 50 high school students from East Islip, New York. Their teachers went out of their way to set up a meeting with me so I could address them on real world circumstances and opportunities. I told them to reach out into the unknown and conquer their fears. To go out into the world and build their entrepreneurial dreams. By doing so they would create a better future for themselves and our country. I commend these fine educators for... Read More

Truth for America Hosts Want to See Dark Horse Candidate Rise to the Top of GOP Candidate Pool

Joining the show, as he does each week, was Richard Roffman, a veteran 30-year publisher with extensive domestic and international experience. He and Neal Asbury reviewed the current slate of GOP candidates. Neal related that he had attended a dinner in Indiana attended by Congressman Mike Pence, who represents a district that includes Ft. Wayne.  A lawyer and former radio host, Pence may make a run for governor. The impetus would be if the current... Read More

Access to Healthcare Exemplified by Terry Kalley’s Fight Against FDA Ruling on Avastin that is keeping His Wife Alive

Kicking off his nationally syndicated “Neal Asbury’s Truth for America Show” on WZAB-AM, Neal Asbury opened the show by looking at the issue of access to healthcare through the story of Terry Kalley.  Kalley, a successful entrepreneur, has put his business on hold to urge the FDA to retain metastatic breast cancer (mbc) as an indication for the drug Avastin to keep his wife Arlene alive, who has mbc. Kalley explained that the drug Avastin is... Read More

National Review’s Kevin Williamson Predicts That if Debt Service Remains Unchecked it Could Account for 20 Percent of Federal Budget

Joining Truth for America for a repeat visit was Kevin Williamson, deputy managing editor of National Review, and a columnist for New Criterion. He also is an adjunct professor at the King’s College in New York City. A frequent commentator on politics and economics, he has appeared on the Glenn Beck Show, the Kudlow Report, the CBS Evening News, the BBC, Power & Politics, CNN’s Parker Spitzer, and dozens of talk radio programs.  His most... Read More

American Enterprise’s Kevin Hassett Predicts That if Obama is Reelected in 2012 U.S. Will be Locked into Uncontrolled Debt Forever

Kicking off his nationally syndicated “Neal Asbury’s Truth for America Show” on WZAB-AM, Neal Asbury opened the show by declaring that “we’re going to find our way out of this dark, dank debt tunnel.  We will find a solution to this situation – we always do.” Returning to the show as a guest was Kevin A. Hassett, the director of economic policy studies and a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Before joining AEI,... Read More