At a time when our country is fixated on a protracted political process passionately promising to cure all our ills, this would be an excellent time for our new administration to put forward their vision to solve the most critical economic issue of our time: our degenerative trade deficit. Unlike other seemingly impossible challenges we face, our trade deficit is something we can correct in a relatively short period thus creating millions of well-paying... Read More


MAIN STREET NEEDS A HERO! We enter the new year with desperate hopes that a new direction can provide us with bold and lasting cures for our gasping economic situation. Politicians and pundits alike fill the media with recommendations for how to stop the bleeding and inspire consumer confidence as the world looks to America to restore its leadership position as the engine of economic growth. Our international competitors realize that a teetering... Read More


PICK UP THE GAUNTLET AND RESTORE AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY When did America lose its social conscience in regards to conducting commerce on the world stage? In the face of rising global poverty, unbridled corruption and the destruction of the Earth’s fragile environment, Congress, by ignoring its oversight responsibilities on harmful trade arrangements with corrupt governments, while failing to ratify comprehensive Free Trade Agreements, becomes culpable... Read More


The start of the New Year is traditionally a time to project some accomplishments you hope to accomplish during the coming year.  Looking at 2009, I’m hoping that my fellow exporters will make some New Year’s resolutions to help our industry. RESOLUTION 1 Put pressure on Congress to pass the stalled free trade agreements for South Korea, Panama and Colombia. Instead of languishing in some committee, they could be fueling the economic recovery... Read More

Richardson Nomination May Be Key To Protecting NAFTA

Bill Richardson As discouraged as I am about the Obama administration’s on-the-record negativity about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the one spark of hope is the nomination of New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson as Secretary of Commerce.  Perhaps due to Richardson’s proximity to Mexico, he has been one of the most prominent Democratic supporters of NAFTA, and one of the rare pro-free trade Democrats. He is generally recognized... Read More

The Other Big Three

Neal Asbury While Capitol Hill struggles with an aid package to bail out the Big 3 car manufacturers, there’s another “Big 3” that need attention: the Colombia, South Korea and Panama free trade agreements that are languishing in Congress. By sitting on the passage of these three important trade agreements, the U.S. economy is being deprived of thousands of U.S. jobs and delaying the drop in tariffs that could be saving billions of dollars for... Read More

Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez Warns That Inactivity on Pending Trade Agreements Puts U.S. at Trade Disadvantage

Carlos M. Gutierrez (Coral Gables, FL, November 13) – Appearing on The Neal Asbury Show on 880 WZAB-AM, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Carlos Gutierrez warned listeners that while trade agreements are pending before Congress, other countries are passing trade agreements that give their exporters a competitive advantage while putting U.S. exporters at a distinct disadvantage.  The end result of delaying the passing of trade agreements with Colombia,... Read More

Wall Street Journal – It’s Hard to Say the Republicans Played in Midfield

Kudos to Fred Barnes for his remarks about the Central America-Dominican Republic-U.S. Free Trade Agreement in “We Could Be In for a Lurch to the Left,” (op-ed, Nov. 4), which rightfully takes umbrage with those who do not support this important trade agreement. By its very nature Cafta is designed to eliminate tariffs and trade barriers and expand regional opportunities for the workers, manufacturers, consumers, farmers, ranchers and... Read More

Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration Sandy K. Baruah to Appear December 4th On The Neal Asbury Show on WZAB-AM

On Thursday, December 4th, The Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration Sandy K. Baruah will appear live during The Neal Asbury Show on WZAB-AM880 between 11:00 A.M. until Noon. Asbury, the show’s host and Small Business Administration’s United States National Champion Exporter of the Year will be exploring “The SBA’s Support For Increasing American Exports” with Administrator Baruah. Sandy K. Baruah was designated Acting... Read More

John Manzella, a strategic communications consultant and global analyst

John Manzella John Manzella is a strategic communications consultant and global analyst, as well as a world-recognized author and speaker on international trade and policy, economic growth, China and globalization. He focuses on shaping opinions, advocating positions to Members of Congress, and providing strategic analysis to several of the world’s largest corporations, associations and government agencies. John has written several books, including... Read More