Investigative Reporter Edwin Black Contends American Electric Car Program Killed by Criminal Conspiracy

In May the US trade deficit jumped to its highest level since November 2008. Neal suggested that the growing deficit is another sign that the federal government’s lack of support for U.S. exports and free enterprise continues to sap the economy and forestall job creation. He reminded listeners that in the 17 countries where the US has a free trade agreement, the US enjoys an export surplus. Taking that into account, Asbury proposed that Congress’... Read More

Independent Institute Founder David Theroux Applauds Arizona for its Stance on Protecting it’s Borders

This week on Neal Asbury’s “Truth for America Show”, was return guest David J. Theroux, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Independent Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan, scholarly research and educational organization that sponsors in-depth studies of critical social and economic issues. The mission of the Independent Institute is to boldly advance peaceful, prosperous, and free societies grounded in a commitment to... Read More

Former Chicago City Clerk Jim Laski Claims Gun Ban a Failure

A repeat visitor on ‘Truth for America’ is former Chicago politician Jim Laski, now the host of a radio show on WGN Radio. Laski spent a total of 28 years in the political arena, part in Washington, DC, and 16 years as an elected official serving as an alderman and Chicago City Clerk.  He also served some jail time for corruption. Laski has had a front row seat for the ongoing corruption trial of impeached former Illinois Governor Rod... Read More

Ex-Acting Chairman of Federal Maritime Commission Paul Anderson Reveals Misinformation on Gulf Cleanup

Neal Asbury opened the show by highlighting a number of issues that “should shake every American to the core.”  Particularly troubling is that this week the Obama administration asked NASA to become as much a tool of international diplomacy as it is an agency that furthers science, commerce, and the national security needs of the US.   Their new responsibility is to help Muslim countries develop a space science program.  The trouble is that... Read More

Morphine Economics

Morphine Economics I own a large collection of antique engravings and maps dating back more than five hundred years. They tell a fascinating story that divines the future if you are perceptive to their wisdom. Clipper ship entrepreneurialism was the strong, steady wind that propelled forth the Age of Discovery. The embassies, merchants and holy men billeted on these magnificent ships faced incredible hardship as they searched for undiscovered trade... Read More

John Hofmeister Founder and Chief Executive – Citizens for Affordable Energy

John Hofmeister, upon retirement from Shell Oil Company in July, 2008, founded and heads the not-for-profit (501(c)(3) pending), nation-wide membership association, Citizens for Affordable Energy. This Washington, D.C.-registered, public policy education firm will exist to promote sound U.S. energy security solutions for the nation, including a range of affordable energy supplies, efficiency improvements, essential infrastructure, sustainable... Read More

Maryland Senatorial Candidate Eric Wargotz Wants to See Less Whining by the Obama Administration

Returning as a guest on Neal Asbury’s “Truth for America Show” was Dr. Eric Wargotz, Republican U.S. Senatorial Candidate for Maryland and current Maryland Commission President.  An experienced leader and activist; a physician-businessman, conservative, and conservationalist, Dr. Wargotz knows what it takes to work as a team and to build consensus on difficult matters.  Wargotz is seeking the Republican nomination for the seat currently... Read More

Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter Evaluates ‘Victory’ in Afghanistan

Neal Asbury’s first guest was Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) who represents Michigan’s 11th District, comprised of the citizens of Western Oakland and Western Wayne Counties.  Congressman McCotter has focused his efforts on preserving and promoting manufacturing and small businesses.  He serves as Chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, a leadership position once held by Vice President Dick Cheney. Congressman McCotter is also... Read More

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter on Neal Asbury’s ‘Truth For America’ Show July 1st

A life-long resident of southeast Michigan, U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter was first elected to Congress in 2002 to represent the citizens of Western Oakland and Western Wayne Counties. Congressman McCotter has focused his efforts on preserving and promoting manufacturing and small businesses, because he knows they form the back bone of our community’s economy. He has steadfastly supported winning the War for Freedom and increasing our... Read More

Congressman Tom Rooney: Obama Should be More Forthcoming on McChrystal and Afghanistan

Neal Asbury opened the show by quoting Oscar Wilde, who once said that “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.”   If that is the case, according to Asbury, “then President Obama is the most experienced man alive.”  Asbury suggested that the President’s problems stem from the fact that he has surrounded himself with a staff that has no experience in business management, military leadership, or the fundamentals... Read More