Congressman John Fleming: Disappointed that GOP Did Not Wait Until January to Pass Obama Tax Bill

Neal Asbury opened the show by suggesting that politicians who characterize the Bush Tax cut extension as a benefit only for rich people are being “dishonest.”  He noted that the tax cut extension will help everyone, especially small business owners who will be able to gain some confidence so that they can invest again in their businesses, including hiring more people.  “The tax bill is imperfect, but it should help get Americans back... Read More

China Exacts Its Revenge from Morphine Economics

At one time, Western nations treated China like a poor stepchild, even going to the point of illicitly providing opium to its citizens enabling a terrible addiction. After President Obama’s recent Asian debacle, China now treats the US like the poor stepchild. Now it is America that is hooked on the sinister drug of Morphine Economics and it is largely China providing the US the drug that is making us weaker each day. Here’s an historical perspective. Low... Read More


BY MIMI WHITEFIELD Neal Asbury, a South Florida entrepreneur and international trader, is a man with a mission. An unabashed U.S. booster, he wants to carry the mantra of fair and open business and trade practices around the world. In an international career that has spanned three decades and in which he has logged more than four million miles of travel, Asbury has seen plenty to lead him to the conclusion that the United States can do better —... Read More

Congressman John Mica: TSA needs far less administration, and better oversight

Neal Asbury opened the show by reminding listeners that transportation and infrastructure investing are key job creators. Logistics and international shipping are at the foundation of US commerce. “If we can’t move US products around the world, we can’t grow US businesses and grow our economy,” said Asbury. Asbury took the opportunity to clarify points he made during a recent Fox and Friends appearance where his remarks were taken out of... Read More

Former Congressman Charlie Stenholm: Urges Debate if Obama Healthcare can be Salvaged

Joining Truth for America was former Democratic Texas Congressman Charles Stenholm, a past guest on Truth for America and the Democratic representative for Texas’ 17th district since 1978. “People voted for change, but change to what? asked Stenholm. “The Republicans didn’t win–the Democrats lost because of their policies. The Republicans control the House, the Democrats control the Senate, and the President controls the White House.... Read More

American Enterprise Institute’s John Fortier: Government Gridlock if Obama Can’t Move to the Middle

Kicking off his nationally syndicated “Neal Asbury’s Truth for America Show” on WZAB-AM, Neal Asbury opened the show by suggesting it was time for the administration to stop looking for reasons to explain their failure during the midterms, and to stop blaming it on poor communication. “It’s not about what they said, it’s what they did,” said Asbury. Asbury took the administration to task for their failure to successfully advance America’s... Read More

John C. Fortier-Research Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

John Fortier is the principal contributor to the AEI-Brookings Election Reform Project and executive director of the Continuity of Government Commission. A political scientist who has taught at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Delaware, Boston College, and Harvard University, Mr. Fortier has written numerous scholarly and popular articles. His books include Second-Term Blues: How George W. Bush Has Governed (Brookings Institution... Read More

California Congressman Tom McClintock: Jerry Brown Will Be What President Obama is to the Country

California Congressman Tom McClintock Predicts Jerry Brown will be to California what President Obama is to the Rest of the Country – A Big Wake Up Call Neal Asbury opened the show by declaring that “Harry Reid is at it again—pushing for programs that are going against the will of the American people.” In particular, Asbury was aghast that Reid and fellow Democrats are trying to run out the clock by voting against extending the Bush tax cuts. “By... Read More

Texas Congressman Kevin Brady: Republicans will Reinvigorate America’s Free Trade Policies

Texas Congressman Kevin Brady Vows that Republicans will Reinvigorate America’s Free Trade Policies. Joining Truth for America was Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) who represents the 8th District of Texas. A pro-family, pro-small business conservative, Kevin’s strong belief in free enterprise guides him as the Senior House Republican on the Joint Economic Committee, and as newly elected chairman of the House Subcommittee on Trade. Congressman Brady... Read More

NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain: Relishing Repeat Fight Against Obama, Reid and Pelosi

Joining Truth for America was the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) Communication’s Director Ken Spain. The NRCC works to elect Republicans to the United States House of Representatives. Weighing in on the discussion, in addition to Neal Asbury and Rich Roffman, was Paul Anderson, Senior Fellow at United States Congress, Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure and a former Commissioner-Designated Chairman at the Federal... Read More