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You are invited to join The Networlding Trade Forum Group on Linkedin.  This forum seeks to unite all individuals in support of socially responsible international trade between businesses around the world focusing on issues such as the environment, fair labor laws, trade sanctions and ethics. Creating a community forum through Linkedin groups offers extra features to help members stay in touch with one another and discover powerful new business... Read More

Preview – My Forthcoming Book: The World Is Tilted

The World is Tilted is an adventure story, the journey of a somewhat naïve and passionate young man straight out of college who finds himself on an international canvas confronting seemingly unbelievable extremes of poverty and wealth while hobnobbing with the likes of Nigerian tribal chiefs, corrupt government officials, and Saudi Arabian oil sheiks. Filled with my observations, as well as specific ideas, on how to solve the American trade deficit, the book... Read More

BBC Interview Coming Soon

Be on the look out in August for my upcoming interview on BBC television. They are coming here to Florida to interview me, where I will talk about the coming U.S. presidential election,  sharing how it will impact trade overseas. Free trade, and the impact it has on U.S. workers, has become a hot-button issue on the presidential campaign trail. America has nothing to fear in the global market. Watch for the interview – I will be posting... Read More

Lou Dobbs Is An Idiot Demagogue – So Why Is He Winning?

If ever you wanted to see the faces of free traders in Washington pulsate like a lava lamp, alternating between purple and red, casually drop the name Lou Dobbs over drinks and hors d’oeuvres. It is remarkable that these very educated, smartly dressed and well connected folks who have the facts, moral clarity and plain common sense on their side are being crushed so completely in the free-trade debate. Sadly, they have yet to figure out one... Read More

Contempt for The United States Congress, Not Colombia

I vividly remember arriving at Bogotá’s El Dorado International Airport in the mid- 1990s, clearing immigration, and then heading towards the city. My mind swirled with edginess and fear knowing I had reached a city with one of the highest homicide rates and kidnapping incidences in the world. For an American businessman, it was a notoriously dangerous place to be. For decades a pervasive tension permeated the thin Andean air as a result of... Read More Interview “When Politics and Trade Collide”

Free trade, and the impact it has on U.S. workers, has become a hot-button issue on the presidential campaign trail. Neal Asbury, the Small Business Administration’s Exporter of the Year, explains why America has nothing to fear in the global market. From: By: Angus Loten Free trade has taken a lot of heat since the Democratic presidential primary, when both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton vilified NAFTA, blaming the 14-year-old trade... Read More

The Art of Trade War

The battlefields of global trade often explode igniting extreme situations demanding exceptional responses. The concept of the world joyfully marching towards American liberal trade doctrine is as dim-witted as believing we can solve our perilous trade deficit without taking tough action against those that abuse our openness. At its core, trade is war. Chinese General Sun Tzu’s military treatise, Art of War, written during the 6th century B.C.... Read More

A Call To Action From The Trenches Of Trade

In October, 2006 I wrote an article for To The Point News entitled The Great Debate about an imaginary debate on the future of U.S. trade. Subsequently, I was appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce to serve on the Florida District Export Council. In 2007, a national conference of all 55 Export Councils throughout the country was held in Tampa, Florida.  The conference theme was:  The Great Debate :  The Future of U.S. Trade. 400 delegates... Read More

The Great Debate : America’s Global Trade Future

The following transcript of The Great Debate: America’s Global Trade Future is imaginary; there was no such television program. But it is a debate that needs to be heard immediately and evaluated carefully by all Americans. It is time for a responsible member of the media to earn its charter and make this happen. Neal Asbury President, Greenfield World Trade MODERATOR: The term “Great Debate” was coined in 1920 to describe the... Read More

Perpetuating World Hunger, Poverty and Food Riots with the 2008 Farm Bill

The United States, European Union and Japan have used farm subsidies to enrich large agricultural concerns in their own countries, but at the expense of small farmers from developing countries such as the Philippines.  You can gain a greater perspective on this issue by accompanying me on a visit to a poor farmer in Batangas, Philippines, about two hundred kilometers south of Manila. Bong Dumlao and his family live on a mountaintop overlooking the... Read More