Under Secretary for International Trade Sanchez Sees Continued Rise in U.S. Exports Leading to Job Creation and GDP Growth

Neal Asbury opened the show by suggesting that President Obama missed an opportunity to reassure Americans about the country’s current $1.4 trillion debt.   He characterized the speech as “flat and uninspiring,” and wondered why it took more than 4,000 words for the president to even address the nation’s debt. “China owns so much of our debt that we are continuing to mortgage our future to the Chinese.  They now consider themselves the... Read More

Egyptian Unrest Could Harm U.S. Trade Relations

Political instability in Egypt will negatively impact U.S. trade for the foreseeable future. Egypt has been one of our most stable trading partners in the Mideast and is currently the 34th largest export market for U.S. goods. The U.S. goods trade surplus with Egypt was $3.2 billion in 2009. U.S. goods exports in 2009 were $5.3 billion. Corresponding U.S. imports from Egypt were $2.1 billion. In an era of seemingly uncontrollable U.S. trade deficits... Read More

One War Too Many

While the nation is transfixed on the war of words going on in Congress, there are two other wars going on that seem to be ignored. Almost 6,000 U.S. servicemen and women have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, but their sacrifice barely makes the front page anymore. Instead, our time is spent watching two political parties snipe at one another, while real snipers and IED’s are killing our men and women in uniform. I recently had best-selling... Read More

Edwin Black: Characterizes China as the New Fulcrum for Energy

Best Selling Author Edwin Black Characterizes China as the New Fulcrum for Energy in the World Asbury opened the show by noting that China’s President Hu’s attitude during his visit to the U.S. is as the senior partner in the China/U.S. relationship. In fact, Hu made no bones about his country’s intentions, proclaiming that “the dollar is the past, the Yuan is the future.” Asbury predicted that this was a “shot across the bow, and should... Read More

John Manzella: China’s Confidence Masks Desire to Control Energy Market

China Expert John Manzella Purports China’s New Confidence Masks its Desire to Control World Energy Market Joining Truth for America as a returning guest was John Manzella, president of Manzella Trade Communications (www.ManzellaTrade.com) and an author and speaker on global business and policy, China and today’s new economic realities. He focuses on shaping opinions, advocating positions to Members of Congress, and providing strategic analysis... Read More

Heartland Institute’s Jim Lakely: Urges Tax Cuts so Government Stops Punishing Companies

Heartland Institute’s Jim Lakely Urges Greater Corporate Tax Cuts so Government Stops Punishing Companies for Making Money Joining “Neal Asbury’s Truth for America” for a repeat visit was James G Lakely, Communications Director for The Heartland Institute. Heartland’s mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems. Lakely weighed in on the Tucson shootings and reminded listeners... Read More

Former Secret Service Agent Jeff Stover: Tucson Shooting Underscores Lax Security

Former Secret Service Agent Jeff Stover Reveals that Tucson Shooting Underscores the Lax Security in Place When Congressional Members Travel Neal Asbury opened the show by reflecting on the shootings in Tucson and wondering whether this will interfere with the open access U.S. citizens have with their Senators and Representatives. He also is apprehensive about a “culture war” that has erupted over the Tucson shootings. “We can’t let sick... Read More

Where There Are Jobs, There Are Votes

While the Republican presidential candidate field has yet to gel, CNN’s Republican debate this week drew 3.162 million total viewers including a wide audience of younger voters, according to Nielsen Fast National data. There is building momentum for the Republican Party, even if some of this interest is coming from voters who subscribe to the “Anybody But Obama” doctrine. So why isn’t the Republican Party seizing this golden opportunity? It... Read More

Neal Asbury: China Is Master of Deceptive Shell Game

China has become a master at slight-of- hand tricks, diverting our attention one way while they do something else to their benefit and our detriment. For example, they recently put teeth behind an internal anti-monopoly policy that seeks to stem price collusion and predatory pricing among Chinese manufacturers. In fact a law recently enacted attempts to stop manufacturers from setting “unfairly low prices” in the Chinese marketplace. While... Read More

Reviving Small Business is Obama’s Biggest Challenge

The two things to understand about our economy are American entrepreneurs and small-business owners create wealth where wealth doesn’t exist. They expand the wealth pool of all Americans, not just themselves. By expanding America’s wealth pool, they increase America’s tax base. By creating policies that get our best-producing businesses feeling confident about the future, we solve all sorts of problems, especially job creation and the containment... Read More