Why Are We Nuts About Sanctions?

In the past fifty years, the United States has enacted more sanctions than any country. In fact, no one comes remotely close. We have sanctioned more than 80 countries over 175 times. If we include “soft” sanctions such as denying export financing through EXIM Bank, the number would be much higher. Our sanctions threaten two-thirds of the world’s population. Over half our sanctions have occurred in the last decade. We have gone... Read More

Neal Asbury Interviewed on Newsmax.com

Asbury: Global Commerce Does More Good than Politicians In his first Newsmax.com interview, Neal Asbury speaks with correspondent Kathleen Walter. Neal Asbury, author of Conscientious Equity, contends that a Department for Global Trade would level the playing field for America in world commerce. Moving the responsibilities for international trade from congress to a consolidated department would increase efficiency and profitably for American companies... Read More

Small Businesses Being Thrown Under the Bus While Dems Try to Save Their Own Skins.

Most legislators in this country agree that small business is the lifeblood of job creation. So I’m having a hard time understanding why Democrats are choosing to run for the hills rather than extend the Bush tax cuts which would continue to provide small business the money they need to grow and hire. Democrats are hiding because they want to postpone any action on extending the tax cuts until after the November election as they are scared it... Read More

Job Growth Going in the Wrong Direction

For some time I’ve been suggesting that the unemployment rate is higher than what is announced by the Obama Administration. I had it pegged at closer to 20 percent when you factor in those who are under-employed or just stopped looking. Now a September Gallup Poll bears out my contention that the stimulus package has failed to create jobs, and unemployment is heading up, not down. The Gallup Poll has found that unemployment is at 10.1% in September,... Read More

Our Crumbling Infrastructure is Another Sign of a Crumbling Administration

A frequent guest on my nationally syndicated radio show — “Neal Asbury’s Truth for America” – is Paul Anderson, most recently a Senior Fellow at the United States Congress, Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure and a former Commissioner-Designated Chairman at the Federal Maritime Commission. Paul shared with me a first-hand perspective on his participation with the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, working... Read More

Native American Entrepreneur Chief James Billie: Epitomizes Value of Perseverance and Business Vision

Neal Asbury opened the show by questioning how former President Bill Clinton, with his history of indiscretions, can belittle the Tea Party movement. “It’s like Alice down the Rabbit Hole –everything is topsy turvy. Down is up and up is down. Except Alice is not in Wonderland, the American people are,” proposed Neal Asbury. Asbury noted that the perfect example of this is former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel quitting so he can run for the... Read More

Founder and Champion of Native American Gaming and Creator of $39 Billion Industry: Seminole Chief James Billie

As the most powerful Native American leader of the past century, Chief James Billie of the Seminole Tribe is the man responsible for bringing casino gambling to the Seminole tribes through out America. Chief Billie takes pride in his heritage as a Seminole and is an expert at building palmetto-thatched chickees. His ring finger on his right hand is kept in a bottle in his pocket, a reminder of an ancient battle with an alligator. He is also an... Read More

Neal Asbury Live on Fox News Radio Rumble 9-28-10

“Fox & Friends” invited American entrepreneur, talk radio host, and author, Neal Asbury to appear for a third time on their Radio Rumble segment. Neal Asbury spoke with Gretchen Carlson during the “Radio Rumble” segment covering “Rahm Emanuel Running for Chicago Mayor” and comments given by Bill Clinton regarding the “Tea Party.” Neal was joined by Charles Ellison, talk radio host from Washington D.C. and Howie... Read More

Congressman Jason Chaffetz: Pledge for America will Restore Trust

Congressman Jason Chaffetz Vows that Republican Pledge for America will Restore Trust by American People in their Representatives. Neal Asbury opened the show by facetiously asking if his audience was celebrating the news from the National Bureau of Economic Research that the recession was over, and has been, for more than year. He wondered what the millions of unemployed think about the recession ending, especially after the news that the United... Read More

US Chamber’s Bruce Josten: Tea Party Could Marginalize Republican Candidates in Mid-Terms

Bruce Josten, executive vice president for Government Affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, made a return appearance on Neal Asbury’s “Truth for America.” Josten characterized this upcoming election as “the most unpredictable in modern history. We have an angry electorate that doesn’t feel good about this country. They are rightfully concerned about the past two years,” said Josten. Josten proposed that the public disapproves of... Read More