Founder and Champion of Native American Gaming and Creator of $39 Billion Industry: Seminole Chief James Billie

As the most powerful Native American leader of the past century, Chief James Billie of the Seminole Tribe is the man responsible for bringing casino gambling to the Seminole tribes through out America. Chief Billie takes pride in his heritage as a Seminole and is an expert at building palmetto-thatched chickees. His ring finger on his right hand is kept in a bottle in his pocket, a reminder of an ancient battle with an alligator. He is also an accomplished musician, playing Seminole music while opening for the Beach Boys with hits like “Big Alligator”

Chief James Billie served as Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida for 22 years, a longer-term as an elected leader than anyone in the Western hemisphere other than Castro. At the height of his power, he was personal friends with the likes of Burt Reynolds and James Brown, and once dined on alligator and rattlesnake with Donald Trump during one of Mr. Trump’s visits to the Everglades. Yet the former Seminole Chief no longer presides over the 3,400 member Seminole Tribe. Once the highest paid elected official in the state of Florida, Chief James Billie had a fall from grace after accusations of financial mismanagement and other allegations resulted in the other four members of the tribe forcing him out.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida, one of the most financially solvent native american tribes in the country, has Chief James Billie to thank for the $120,000.00 annual check each member receives as their share of the gaming profits. It was Chief James Billie who came up with the idea of Native American gaming, and then championed the cause in what eventually resulted in a Supreme Court ruling in his favor.

As a stalwart supporter of his tribe, and perhaps as its greatest hero of this generation, Chief James Billie will reveal his plans about returning as Chaiman of the Seminole tribe.

He wants to focus his attention to give his people a better life where education and healthcare are his foremost concerns.

Check out Chief Billie’s hit ‘Big Alligator’

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