Former CIA Informant Reza Kahlili: Iran will Inevitably have Nuclear Weapons

Former CIA Informant Reza KahliliNeal Asbury opened the show by suggesting that the only difference between an absentee landlord who ignores your building as it turns into a slum, and President Obama’s approach to cleaning up the BP Gulf Oil spill, is that “you can sue your landlord.” Asbury proposed that American citizens are sitting powerless to stop the overwhelming environmental damage caused by the BP spill, even as “one lame-brained idea after another has miserably failed to help clean up the largest natural manmade disaster in US history – even using a nuclear bomb to seal the pipe. But you know who’s sitting powerless with us? President Obama. As millions of gallons of oil are gushing out of the broken pipe, our President was gushing about the Getty family during a $17,000 a plate fundraising party in California,” noted Asbury.

Asbury was particularly disturbed that instead of visiting the Gulf Coast to show solidarity with the poor people there, he flew to Chicago for some R&R and to give a Memorial Day speech. But then didn’t lay a wreath on Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery, like every president stretching back more than 100 years.

Asbury questioned how among a country with 300 million people, with a proud history of ingenuity to solve problems, the administration can’t marshal the resources to stop this environmental disaster. “Once again, the US looks impotent when it comes to taking charge of a crisis. I know how to fix it. Let’s put somebody else in charge!! Two years and counting until 2012. Maybe the oil leak will be stopped by then,” concluded Asbury.

Neal’s first guest was Reza Kahlili, a pseudonym for an ex-CIA agent recruited by the CIA to spy in Iran, who made a return appearance on the show. Kahlili is the author of “A Time to Betray: The Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran.”

Kahlili adamantly maintained that Iran has enough fuel to construct two nuclear weapons, and the UN has been aware of this for some time. In fact, he reported that since the 1980s Iran has been actively involved in building up its nuclear arms program, and today is capable of enriching uranium at the 20 percent level, enough to fuel any nuclear weapon. Kahlili described Iran as “dangerous, and with no interest in using atomic capabilities for peaceful purposes. Iran has a messianic vision that is not above taking the world to the brink of war.”

He expressed severe disappointment that the Obama administration, like previous US administrations, is “delusional about using negotiation to work with the Iranian government and giving them legitimacy, even as they ignore basic human rights in their country. Much of this stems from a lack of understating of the clerical establishment,” said Kahlili.

He offered two scenarios to reverse Iran’s current path toward nuclear weaponry. The first is that all Western nations must agree to break diplomatic and trade ties with Iran, undermining the government and isolating the country. This pressure will cause cracks within the government and give strength to the simmering freedom movement among Iranians who seek to topple the government.

The second scenario, which Kahlili would rather not see occur, is to wage war against Iran. He doesn’t advocate an invasion, but proposed that if the Iranian Guard can be neutralized through air strikes, and the skies over Iran are controlled by Western nations (which could take 24-48 hours), it will give the Iranian people the courage to overthrow the government.

War with Iran is especially problematic, according to Kahlili, because his sources have told him that Iran has been preparing for war for at least the last three years and has already developed a missile program with quick launch capabilities in the event they are threatened.

Kahlili predicted that on June 12, the anniversary of the illegitimate election that restored Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power, the country will be out in force to demonstrate.

“The people of Iran do not want an Islamic regime, and they hate the current government. The world must support the people and lend their voice to creating a democratic government. The louder the world gets, the more encouragement the people of Iran will be able to use this support to object to the Iranian regime,” Khalili concluded.

Also joining “Neal Asbury’s Truth for America” was Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D (R-TX), a practicing Ob/Gyn physician for 30 years, who was first elected to Congress in 2002. During his time on Capitol Hill he has earned a reputation as a problem-solver who seeks sensible solutions to the challenges Americans face. Dr. Burgess serves on the prestigious House Energy and Commerce Committee, is the top Republican on the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, and recently founded and is Chairman of the Congressional Health Care Caucus.

In this capacity, Dr, Burgess oversees 10 Republican House members who are all physicians. Although there are four Democratic physicians in the House, none has joined the Caucus.

The discussion quickly turned to the health care Bill, which to nobody’s surprise, was much distained by Republicans, and Dr. Burgee did not support it. One of his major concerns is that in the haste to pass the Bill, it failed to cover pre-existing conditions for children, which meant that insurance companies could decline coverage. Fortunately, insurance companies agreed to cover these patients.

Dr. Burgess is particularly concerned that deadlines mandated in the Bill have passed without any action. The exception was the provision to give $250 to seniors to cover the Medicare gap. He sees this as a transparent ploy to curry favor with this large demographic group to curry votes for the November elections. Dr. Burgess says it also gives the Democrats time to solve the myriad PR problems they face over the Bill.

“No one is keeping tabs on the timeline provisions in the Bill. It’s 54 pages long. Just to implement the provisions in the Bill will cost $10 billion. That’s not something I can support, and neither should anyone else,” maintained Dr. Burgess. “Republicans must say NO to this, even if it means they will be attacked. We need to stand firm on this, even if holding off funding will shut down the government. President Obama will be blamed for this mess, and he should,” he added.

Dr. Burgess also suggested that no Federal agency –or agencies– can hope to implement all the provisions in the Bill. He proposed that Obama’s advisors purposely complicated the Bill so that the Federal government will ultimately take over the US healthcare system.

Dr. Burgess believes that the segment of the population that will suffer most from the healthcare Bill is small businesses. He is adamantly opposed to levying a $2,000 fine for each employee that is not covered by company-sponsored health insurance for any company with more than 50 employees. The upshot of this is that businesses are weary of exceeding the 50 employee threshold and are simply not hiring – exactly the opposite of what is needed to create jobs and help the economy recover. It may even cause employers to pay the fine rather than offer insurance since it will be less than what they would pay for insurance premiums.

“This is yet another example of what happens when you have an administration where only eight percent of the staff has experience working in the private sector. This is why leading up to the mid-term elections in November, the overriding priority will be jobs and the economy,” predicted Dr. Burgess.

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