Harry Reid’s Loss Is Free Trade’s Gain

Perhaps the most valuable outcome of the midterm election is that it allows Republicans to remove Harry Reid, D-Nev., from his post as Senate Majority Leader, or as I have dubbed him, “Chief Bottleneck for Free Trade.” With his demotion, his ties to labor unions can be minimized, which means that America can earnestly negotiate free trade agreements. This comes at an important time. President Obama is in Asia to participate in discussions about the Trans-Pacific... Read More

Trade Subsidies Erode Trade Agreements

Free trade, by its very nature, is based on the ability of nations and companies to sell goods and services at a fair price without undue interference. When trade is conducted freely and fairly, there’s a level playing field and everybody can prosper. But once government subsidies get involved, the level playing field starts to slant. Seton Motley, executive director of Less Government, was a guest recently on my Made in America radio show, and he maintained that American... Read More

Exports Must Be Freed From Partisan Politics

I am a die-hard advocate for supporting U.S. exports, so it concerns me that exports have been taken hostage during the ongoing Congressional infighting. Exports are vital, considering that more than 38 million American jobs depend on trade. One in three manufacturing jobs depends on exports, and one in three acres on American farms is planted for hungry consumers overseas. U.S. exports set another record in 2012, growing 4.4 percent ($66 billion) and reaching $1.56 trillion,... Read More

Shutting Down Future US Jobs

As usual, President Obama fails to think about long-term solutions to our economy. His role in the shutdown is one example, but a far more dangerous decision was his willingness to cancel his trip to Indonesia for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC). The outcome of this decision could stop the creation of millions of good-paying American jobs. According to data from APEC, its members — including the United States and China, Russia, Mexico, Canada and 16... Read More

Trade, Not War, Achieves Better Results

In my book, Conscientious Equity, I discuss that when nations have free trade agreements with each other, they historically have not gone to war. Once the road for negotiations is open to trade, it remains open for other serious considerations. Equally important is that free trade agreements not only benefit businesses, but a country’s entire population as well. Trade leads to economic freedom, which helps reduce poverty and corruption. So it was with great interest... Read More

Better Late Than Never

As an exporter, I half-heartedly believed President Obama’s proposal to double U.S. exports in five years. That pledge was made in his State of the Union address in 2010, which means the clock is ticking on his plan to double American exports from $1 trillion to $2 trillion by 2015. His National Export Initiative (NEI) was supposed to “help farmers and small businesses increase their exports.” At the core of this plan was to create an environment that allows... Read More

When Unions Punish Mexican Truckers, They Punish Americans

When Unions Punish Mexican Truckers They Punish Every American. As I have maintained countless times, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) is by far the most beneficial trade legislation Congress has ever passed. Today, Mexico imports more U.S. made products than China and Japan combined. In fact, a guest on my radio show “Truth for America,” former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Carlos Gutierrez, noted that during 2008, the U.S. exported $115 billion to Mexico (up 13... Read More

Investigative Reporter Edwin Black Contends American Electric Car Program Killed by Criminal Conspiracy

In May the US trade deficit jumped to its highest level since November 2008. Neal suggested that the growing deficit is another sign that the federal government’s lack of support for U.S. exports and free enterprise continues to sap the economy and forestall job creation. He reminded listeners that in the 17 countries where the US has a free trade agreement, the US enjoys an export surplus. Taking that into account, Asbury proposed that Congress’ continuing inability to pass... Read More

It’s Not Just World Trade — It’s Human Development

If you think of world trade as the exchange of products for money, its real power is the exchange of ideas to create innovative breakthroughs. In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal story characterized international trade “as the most momentous innovation of the human species; it led to the invention of invention.” The editors suggest that the new buzz word is “collective intelligence.” They define this as the notion that what determines the inventiveness and rate of... Read More

Former CIA Informant Reza Kahlili: Iran will Inevitably have Nuclear Weapons

Neal Asbury opened the show by suggesting that the only difference between an absentee landlord who ignores your building as it turns into a slum, and President Obama’s approach to cleaning up the BP Gulf Oil spill, is that “you can sue your landlord.” Asbury proposed that American citizens are sitting powerless to stop the overwhelming environmental damage caused by the BP spill, even as “one lame-brained idea after another has miserably failed to help clean up the... Read More