CIASF Luncheon Event

CIASF Luncheon Event
Topic: “America’s Anti-Trade Policies”
Sponsor: The ComReal Companies in Miami
Date: July 10th , 2009
Location: Flagler Station Business Park in Medley, FL

Good afternoon everyone! My name is Edward Redlich and I’m with The ComReal Companies of Miami. This year, The ComReal Companies celebrate its 30th year in South Florida’s commercial real estate market. ComReal continues to be a proud sponsor of this organization. Although we have invested in a few minutes to speak today about our company, I’d much rather allot my time to introduce a gentleman who is going to educate us on a much more important topic. The topic is “America’s anti-trade policies”. Mr. Neal Asbury is both an excellent communicator on the subject and a true visionary. Personally, I believe that he just might be the “Missing Link” between those of us in the commercial real estate profession and the customers that we serve.

Before I give you the background on Mr. Asbury, allow me just a moment to tell you why ComReal and I support the Miami CIASF organization. We do it to promote the commercial real estate industry and for the knowledge. Today, our South Florida industrial real estate market has experienced three quarters of extremely low deal volume. Rental rates and sales prices have fallen between 20% and 40%; or even more. Vacancy is over 10%. We fear the negative trend may continue. However, our industry can flourish once again with the rightstimulus. In my opinion, one solution is for America to aggressively promote the liberalization of international free trade. As international trade increases, so does the activity for industrial real estate properties. Perhaps there is no other area of the country where international trade is more important to the CRE industry than right here in South Florida.

Now, let me tell you how I came across Mr. Asbury. Not only am I a deal junkie, but I’m also a news junkie. I discovered Mr. Asbury over a year ago while surfing the internet I came across his blog at

I was instantly impressed by the over 100 articles that he has published on global trade issues. He has also been quoted in newspapers such New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Asbury has addressed the United Nations, various universities and numerous trade associations; such as ours today. In addition, he hosts The Neal Asbury Show from Coral Gables which airs live on Fridays from 5 to 6 PM on the radio at 880 AM. The station is affiliated with Bloomberg Radio and CNBC. In just a few hours from now, he will be interviewing US Ambassador John Negroponte. So be sure to tune in this afternoon and you may also grab his flyers on the front desk to learn more.

Not only is Mr. Asbury an expert commentator on the subjects of international trade and manufacturing, but he actually operates his own companies: Legacy Brands and Greenfield World Trade ( which manufacturers, sells and services American-made products to over 130 countries worldwide. So, when you hear him speak in a moment, please understand that he is not a politician, but a true American entrepreneur.

Before Greenfield World Trade he had founded Asbury WorldWide in 1987 which became the largest American export management company in its segment with twelve distribution centers around the globe. In 1989, he began FAB Asia in the Philippines which was the Asian exclusive fabricator of commercial kitchens for McDonalds and other restaurant chains. For all of his efforts, he has earned several industry awards. He is chairman of the South Florida District Export Council, appointed to serve by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. He is a member of the International Advisory Committee to the Governor of Florida and a member of the prestigious International Policy Committee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington.

Now, when my father got me into this business 15 years ago, he always told me, “Ed, when you want to get something done, give it to someone who is busy”. Neal, I do not where you find the time to get all of these things done, but we sure do appreciate your taking the time from your busy schedule to address our group. Thank you very much. Please welcome Neal Asbury….

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