Traditional Donor Base Lukewarm on Obama Re-election

If you’re looking for proof that President Barack Obama has lost his luster with his voter base, two of his traditional big donors – labor unions and Hollywood — are taking a tentative look at supporting the Democratic Party with big money. While the AFL-CIO will certainly support Obama and Democrats, they are not generating the kind of money that Democratic presidential candidates are used to receiving. And they certainly are not as enthusiastic as they were in 2008, when... Read More

Senatorial Candidate Marco Rubio Focuses on US Defense & National Deficit

This week on ‘Truth for America’ Neal Asbury opened the show by asking whether President Obama and his staff have a severe case of Attention Deficit Disorder. He compared them to cats that go after shiny objects. “Every time the administration tries to tackle job creation – the biggest challenge facing the nation – something else comes along that distracts them. Yes, the oil spill is a disaster, and they need all of the resources available, but the economy... Read More