UAW Killed the Golden Goose

The general consensus is that America’s auto manufacturers gave unions an open-ended check and when they cashed it, they cashed out the futures of thousands of workers when their plants began massive layoffs. The result is the UAW got a black eye from its members and from thousands of downstream workers who were impacted by the union’s role in the demise of the nation’s auto manufacturers. In Chattanooga, Tenn., this week, the nation will get a glimpse of... Read More

US Car Brands Take the Off Ramp in Korea

As an exporter, I am a big supporter of the South Korean Free Trade Agreement signed on March 15, 2012, because when we open up foreign markets to American goods, the resulting lower trade barriers and tariffs help make U.S. products more competitive. During a recent trip to Korea, a journey I have made countless times over the past 30 years, I couldn’t help but notice that I saw no American cars. This didn’t make any sense to me as we now have a free trade agreement... Read More