Cronyism Steals Taxpayer Money and International Prestige

The Constitution gives Congress the power to raise funds (tax) and appropriate (spend) those funds to check the power of the executive branch by controlling the resources of the president. The thinking was that it would prevent the president from abusing the means to serve his own ends. Somewhere along the line this process has gone terribly wrong, especially under the Obama administration, which gives its “friends” enormous amounts of money and privileges without... Read More

Our Bundled Ambassadors

The way President Obama is handing out ambassadorships to big donors and bundlers, it’s like he’s channeling Oprah Winfrey. “And you get an ambassadorship, and you get an ambassadorship and you get an ambassadorship.” There certainly is a precedent for presidents bestowing ambassadorships on supporters, but they usually had some basic qualifications. Caroline Kennedy was recently named ambassador to Japan. Does she have any experience in international... Read More