Who’s Really Waging the War Against Women?

For years, Democrats have accused Republicans of waging a war against women.

But women are starting to take notice that the Obama administration has been no friend to women. This was brought home recently when the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that a record number of women —55.6 million — ared 16 years or older are not participating in the labor force.

Is it any wonder that President Obama’s approval rating among women is below 49 percent? This is a big drop from the 70 percent approval rating he received from women on the day he took office.

Communities Digital News reported there has been a 14 percent increase in the number of single mothers living in poverty under Obama. Ironically, Obama himself was raised by a single mother.

The news for women is depressing everywhere you look.

The National Women’s Law Center reported that approximately four in 10 unemployed adult women have been seeking work for more than six months. This is the definition of long-term unemployment.

And unemployment gets even worse for some women sub-segments.

For example, women 55 or older experience the highest rates of long-term unemployment, followed closely by Asian-American and black women.

In fact, between August 2013 and August 2014, the unemployment rate for black women remained stagnant at 10.6 percent.

This doesn’t take into account the fact that more women of all colors are currently working part time than were doing so prior to the recession. One in five women working part time is doing so because they can’t find full-time work. Prior to the recession, fewer than one in 10 women working part time was doing so because they couldn’t find full-time work.

The most recent statistics from ThinkProgress show that while women working full time, on average, make 77 percent of what men make, black women make 64 percent of what white men make. In 2010, a single black woman’s median wealth was just $100, compared with a single white woman’s of $41,500. Almost half had zero or negative wealth.

Even though they participate in the workforce at elevated rates, they are stuck in low-paying jobs. They are more likely than any group in America to work for poverty-level wages, thereby making them the most likely of all Americans to be among the working poor.

So the question remains: Why does Obama get a pass on the sorry state of women’s unemployment?

The answer is: the day of reckoning is near.

If the Democrats think they can count on the women’s vote by default, a recent New York Times/CBS News poll shows that Democrats have only a 1-point lead among women.

Women are waking up to the fact that the war against them is being waged by Democrats.

There’s no question that social issues have a played a major role in the perceived slight by Republicans toward women. They would be very smart to modify and soften their message.

But on a very real level, there is nothing more important than an economy that creates jobs for women and men. This is a message that is finally getting through to women across America.

According to The Nation, “America now ranks 98th in the world for percentage of women in its national legislature, down from 59th in 1998. That’s embarrassing: just behind Kenya and Indonesia, and barely ahead of the United Arab Emirates.”

If there is any time for women to really make their vote count, it is this coming mid-term election.

It should be clear to women that if they want a more prosperous future, progress won’t be made by Democratic leadership.

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