Former Attorney General Ed Meese Predicts Supreme Court Accelerates Review of ObamaCare

Neal Asbury opened the show by declaring his support for Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker and his resolve to address his state’s budget shortfall by demanding that the state’s public unions agree to concessions.

“It’s exciting to see a Governor take some action and take the measures necessary to address his state’s dire economic situation.  He has seen through the union’s contention that his recommended measures are attacking the middle class. That’s nonsense.  He’s making his state more competitive by reducing the budgetary strains caused by union wages and entitlements. He’s not trying to reduce the middle class, he’s actually trying to expand the middle class,” said Asbury.
Asbury reminded his listeners that during the 1960s, 60 percent of workers were unionized. Today, it’s less than 10 percent.  Asbury notes that the unions can wield their power because they have contributed almost $100 million to political candidates, about 98 percent to Democrats.

“Unions don’t care about saving the middle class. It’s all about the power,” added Asbury.

Returning to the show as a guest was former Attorney General under President Reagan, Edwin Meese. Today, Meese holds the Ronald Reagan Chair in Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation, where he is responsible for keeping the late President’s legacy of conservative principles alive in public debate and discourse.  He also is Chairman of Heritage’s Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, founded in 2001 to educate government officials, the media and the public about the Constitution, legal principles and how they affect public policy.  Meese is devoting the majority of his time to restoring a constitutional government.

Meese characterized Wisconsin Governor Walker as an example of a governor trying to support constitutional law. “He’s a great leader who is doing what the people elected him to do. The protestors are defying the people of Wisconsin.  State employees who are striking instead of doing their jobs are not doing their duty. They are subverting the oath they took to serve the state.  They are pursuing partisan politics instead of serving the people of the state,” said Meese.

Meese agreed with Neal Asbury’s contention that unions aren’t trying to save the middle class.  “Unions no longer represent the middle class.  Unions gave up on what they were supposed to do.  They no longer represent the workers.  They have politicized their work.  They give millions to political candidates so they can consolidate their power.  Unions should not be allowed to donate money to political candidates,” said Meese.
He remembers when unions had good leaders; now he thinks union leaders have become thugs. He is especially concerned that public unions are allowed to deduct union dues from employee paychecks. “So in essence, the government is helping to fund unions,” added Meese.

When it comes to ObamaCare, Meese believes that the time is coming near when the Supreme Court will be ruling on the constitutionality of the program.  After the 4th circuit appellate court in Virginia and the 11th circuit court in Florida ruled that ObamaCare is unconstitutional, Meese believes that this will accelerate the road to the Supreme Court.

Meese is critical of the Obama administration’s failure to follow constitutional law.  He points to the recent ruling from Eric Holder that overturned the definition of marriage as one limited to the marriage of a man and woman.

“There is an absolute arrogance by this administration.  They are pandering to the left wing.  This administration is abdicating its responsibility under the law,” concluded Meese.

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  1. Debbie Vick says:

    My husband works for a paper mill in Augusta. I asked him several years back way did he ever join the union? His commit was basically he was forced by other employees. I do not care for the union. You are right in saying they are a big time left wing movement. They also come around election time and insist you vote for whom they are supporting. In this case for Obama. He is the worst President this country has ever had. The union also sends out flyers telling you how to vote. We did not vote for Obama. People better look beyond the color and ask yourself what does God think? Who is your master and first love. This country is in the mess it is in because of Obama. I also want to thank Governor Scott Walker for standing his ground in what is best for the people. Remain strong always Governor Walker. The obamacare needs to go also. I know this is not a good plan. Thank you Mr. Meese for your support. May God richly bless you. In-Christ Debbie Vick

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