American Export Leader Roy Paulson Frustrated U.S. Officials Don’t Understand Global Trade and Job Creation

Also joining “Neal Asbury’s Truth for America” was Roy Paulson president of Paulson Manufacturing, based in Temecula, California.  Paulson Manufacturing provides protective equipment for various industries worldwide. Mr. Paulson is active on a variety of export boards and recently testified before the U.S. Ways and Means Committee where he advocated on behalf of the nation’s exporters.

As part of his testimony Paulson noted that U.S. manufacturers can compete with any nation throughout the globe.  He reminded committee members that 12 percent of the U.S. economy is attributed to manufacturing and that for every U.S. manufacturing job, four other support jobs are created.  Paulson was concerned that during his testimony there was a general misunderstanding by committee members about the world of trade.  He would like them to visit foreign counties to experience first-hand the positive impact that U.S. exports have.

“The members of this government need to see how popular U.S. products are overseas.  They need to understand that U.S. exports create U.S. jobs.  Just get out of our way and let us establish free trade agreements.  We need to hang a sign on the U.S. that reads: “We’re open for business,” said Paulson.

Paulson is frustrated that government officials can’t grasp the fact that if the GDP continues at 3.5-5 percent, and if the productivity rate is at 3.5 percent, there are no net gains in employment.  If he needs 3.5 fewer people due to productivity gains, the employment numbers stays stagnant.  The solution, according to Paulson, is to ramp up exports.

While many people think that trade unions impede exports, Paulson invited listeners to experience the Port of Los Angeles, where unions are vested in the value of exports.  Even Ford Motors, which is heavily influenced by the UAW, supports the South Korean Free Trade Agreement.  They understand that free trade agreements create U.S. jobs.

“I had a simple message for the Ways & Means committee.  If you look at every country where the U.S. has a free trade agreement, there is a trade surplus.  They have to support U.S. exports,” concluded Paulson.

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