Concerened Educators Doing Their Best

I recently addressed 50 high school students from East Islip, New York. Their teachers went out of their way to set up a meeting with me so I could address them on real world circumstances and opportunities. I told them to reach out into the unknown and conquer their fears. To go out into the world and build their entrepreneurial dreams. By doing so they would create a better future for themselves and our country. I commend these fine educators for preparing their students for the world as it exists. It is great to know that we have educators willing to go the extra mile for their students and to provide for them meaningful encounters that will hopefully inspire them so they can find their American Dream. Our children are our future and our educators are indispensible in keeping America strong, prosperous and vibrant.

I would like to share the letter I received from East Islip High School. If we take time to teach these children it will pay enormous dividends to our country.

Dear Mr. Asbury,
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the time you provided us to hear about your business and to see up close a true import export company.  The students had just arrived in Florida Keys and meeting you as the first part of the trip not only excited the students but set the tone for the remainder of the trip.  They were very impressed by your knowledge and the information that you provided them both about your experience and what they need to do to be successful in the new global world.

The students are still talking about your company and were very impressed with your maps and the history that you provided them with about each of those one of kind collector maps.  I can honestly say that you not only perked their interest in global trading but I am hearing that some of my students would like to continue their communication with you and see if they can possibly do some type of internship or marketing sales for your firm.  The fact that you were suppose to leave that morning for a meeting in Washington with members of the Obama Team, and that you were willing to postpone to a later flight so that you could personally speak to the students was greatly appreciated.  The students learned so much from you and your staff and it opened their eyes to the fact that they need to start planning and thinking about their future now and not wait until it passes them by.

Our Career Academy students and the teachers spoke about your kindness and knowledge several times during the trip but more importantly the first thing they mentioned to their friends was the meeting they had with you.  You certainly left them with much to think about and yet you presented the information in a way that every student left as if they could become successful.  Your inspiration and willingness to talk to the younger generation speaks volumes for those students who feel that there is no one out there that is willing to give them a chance.  You have once again reiterated what we keep telling our students and that it is essential that they start making connections and networking of they want to compete in the future of our country.

On a personal note, I would like to continue our communication and keep you informed as to how the Career Academy Program is changing and bringing new ideas to help promote education with the influence of our students.  I believe very strongly that when students commit to the education process and take part in the decision making the program will greatly benefit by it.   Having business leaders with the knowledge and experience that you bring to the table only helps to bring the message home that our students cannot make it from high school to the real world unless we provide them with the expertise from people like you.  Students need a chance to do their Internships with companies like yours during their high school years and to have business people willing to be mentors so that our students can learn from the experts as to how they must prepare themselves to be able to compete in the global market.  Listening to your staff and how they relate to other business people all over the world made a huge impression on those students who are truly interested in pursuing a career in International Business.  During our plane ride back home one of the young ladies asked if she can come back next year if we visit your company again, because you provided her with so much information and she strongly wants to be involved in the International market.  When she started the trip she was looking in that direction but after meeting you and seeing the Bahamas and speaking to the Governor General her mind has been made up and she will now set her goals to major in the International Career.  As we always say that teachers can make a difference in a child’s life I believe that the partnership between education and business completes the child’s life.  Therefore, on behalf of all of the Career Academy students and staff and the East Islip School District I would like to thank you for making this trip unforgettable as well as showing our students the importance of education and pursuing your dreams.  We always tell our children in the academy that working hard and being part of a team will help them to prepare for life after college.  These students are committed to making a difference in the lives of many and I hope we can always count on you to be part of our extended family.

Again, thank you for making our students feel special and inspiring them to strive for the best!

Sincerely yours,
Israel Malinowitzer

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