Texas Congressman Kevin Brady: Republicans will Reinvigorate America’s Free Trade Policies

Texas Congressman Kevin Brady Vows that Republicans will Reinvigorate America’s Free Trade Policies.

Joining Truth for America was Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) who represents the 8th District of Texas. A pro-family, pro-small business conservative, Kevin’s strong belief in free enterprise guides him as the Senior House Republican on the Joint Economic Committee, and as newly elected chairman of the House Subcommittee on Trade.

Congressman Brady noted that the turning point for Republicans for the midterm election victories was the wildly unpopular Obama Care Bill. This galvanized voters and fired up the Republican base.

“The newly elected Republican Class of 2010 is like the cavalry coming over the hill.

The majority of them are low tax conservatives, and also have small business experience and understand how to balance a budget and handle P&L responsibilities. Unlike the Democrats where only about 20 percent have any experience actually running a company,” said Congressman Brady.

He predicted that that there are “big fights ahead.” He proposed that the Democrats are in denial and are still trying to push an agenda that is unpopular with the American people. “But there is no Republican compromise on taxes—it’s about jobs. The new group of freshmen in the House are behind the Republican leadership and will not be co-opted by Democrats. In fact, many new House members are being seated on important committees,” said Congressman Brady.

In his expanded role on the Trade Committee, Congressman Brady is naturally concerned about the failure of the US to ratify the Free Trade Agreements with Colombia, South Korea and Panama, which he admitted were “dead in the water” before November 2.

He vowed that he would bring all three Free Trade Agreements up for an up or down vote as a soon as possible.

“This country has to stop being insulting to our trade partners through a display of arrogance. We want to open up new foreign markets because trade is all about freedom. It’s freedom to buy or sell without government interference. We can win and prosper when we compete with any nation if the playing field is level,” concluded Congressman Brady.

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