NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain: Relishing Repeat Fight Against Obama, Reid and Pelosi

Joining Truth for America was the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) Communication’s Director Ken Spain. The NRCC works to elect Republicans to the United States House of Representatives.

Weighing in on the discussion, in addition to Neal Asbury and Rich Roffman, was Paul Anderson, Senior Fellow at United States Congress, Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure and a former Commissioner-Designated Chairman at the Federal Maritime Commission .

Spain predicted that the Republicans will gain about 67 seats in the House after the final tallying of the midterm elections are counted. He characterizes the election as “seismic,” and labeled it as the “utter repudiation of the Obama agenda. This is important because the US has become adept at gerrymandering districts to ensure that they will be re-elected. We won in the 36 of the 42 districts we contested.”

Spain admitted that the focus of the NRCC’s advertising was demonizing Obama, Pelosi and Reid. “We used this tact in 66 districts – we won 51 of those. We knew that this election would be a referendum on Obama and Pelosi. And that people thought that Pelosi was out of touch with the middle class. If she wants to run again as minority leader, all three leading Democrats that lost in 2010 will be fair game again in 2012,” said Spain.

The message from the American people is clear: “We want the government to create more jobs; we want to see the government rein in spending; and we want to see the government reform the process in Congress, where deals are not made behind closed doors.”

Anderson suggested one cautionary note, that Pelosi will still be speaker during the lame duck session and may push some programs through.

Spain said that this would be an “affront to the American people. I doubt that most Democrats would try press these issues,” predicted Spain.

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