Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter Evaluates ‘Victory’ in Afghanistan

Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotterNeal Asbury’s first guest was Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) who represents Michigan’s 11th District, comprised of the citizens of Western Oakland and Western Wayne Counties.  Congressman McCotter has focused his efforts on preserving and promoting manufacturing and small businesses.  He serves as Chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, a leadership position once held by Vice President Dick Cheney. Congressman McCotter is also a member of the House Financial Services Committee, where he serves on the Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises and the Housing and Community Opportunity subcommittees.

Congressman McCotter senses growing frustration among most Americans.  He maintained that many voters felt betrayed when they voted for candidates who claimed to be moderates, but wound up moving as a bloc to the left.   He suggested that this radical transition was not something that most people anticipated or wanted and that it was a “shock to the system.”

“Jobs are the #1 issue facing America.  The unemployment rate in Michigan is 13.6 percent, not counting more than 24,000 residents who have given up and left the workforce. Then the President proposes something like the “Cap and tax” bill which will devastate Michigan and make the economy worse,” predicted Congressman McCotter.

He proposed that the Administration is trying to mask the true recession costs, but that the American people are not fooled.  “They want to see adults govern this country – leaders that can show restraint and pass a sound budget.  Republicans will continue to say No in a responsible manner on vital issues because that’s what is required,” said Congressman McCotter.

He is troubled that the Administration is parsing words when it comes to Afghanistan. “It’s not about success in Afghanistan.  What does success mean? It’s about victory. If you can’t use the word victory, you are sending the wrong message to the troops who are risking their lives.  Wars have always been marked by politics, but we must all agree that victory is always the goal,” noted Congressman McCotter. “We’re in it to win it, or come home.”

He wants to see our military action described as a “War for freedom against terrorism.” He thinks many people have lost sight of the fact that “we share a common belief with the average Iraqi and Afghani who are looking for freedom.”

In discussing the issue of immigration, Congressman McCotter contends that even naturalized citizens do not support illegal immigration because it adds to overcrowding in schools, adds more stress to the health system and causes crime to rise.

“We can’t blame illegal immigrants for wanting to come to the US, but they have to respect our laws.  And we have to prevent American businesses from hiring and exploiting these illegal workers.  We also need stronger border security and we need to support the economies of Latin American countries so that they sustain job creation over there so workers don’t come looking for illegal jobs in America.”

When it comes to Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Congressman McCotter is tired of confirmation hearings that contain a “dearth of substance.”  He believes that the hearing should be about character and whether a candidate is corrupt.  Based on these factors, he would have to vote in favor of Kagan’s confirmation, but in a perfect world, he thinks that candidates should receive an automatic “No” vote if they fail to answer the questions posed to them.

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