Maryland Senatorial Candidate Eric Wargotz Wants to See Less Whining by the Obama Administration

Maryland Senatorial Candidate Eric WargotzReturning as a guest on Neal Asbury’s “Truth for America Show” was Dr. Eric Wargotz, Republican U.S. Senatorial Candidate for Maryland and current Maryland Commission President.  An experienced leader and activist; a physician-businessman, conservative, and conservationalist, Dr. Wargotz knows what it takes to work as a team and to build consensus on difficult matters.  Wargotz is seeking the Republican nomination for the seat currently held by four term incumbent Senator Barbara Mikulski.

In a recent poll, Dr. Wargotz was leading Senator Mikulski in Baltimore County – her strongest voter base. This is important because Dr. Wargotz is expected to carry the rural vote, which combined with a lead in the large urban areas, would get him elected.

Echoing the words of nearly every guest on Truth for America, Dr. Wargotz maintains that jobs and the economy are the largest issues facing voters.  “Nothing would stimulate the economy faster than cutting taxes on corporations and for the average citizen.”

“Aren’t we all sick and tired of the Administration’s whining and finger pointing?  We have to come together.  The Administration is out of touch.  We need to get things done in common sense ways.  None of the issues matter unless we get the economy straight,” said Dr. Wargotz.

Dr. Wargotz thinks that most people do not want to see illegal immigrants granted amnesty.  Even his own ancestors came through Ellis Island and took the legal path to US citizenship.

“The immigration system is broken and needs to be reformed.  It needs to be less cumbersome so that immigrants who want to come to this country legally can do so. This is the only way to attract the skilled foreign workers that we need to sustain our economy. But that also  means securing our borders and not rewarding bad behavior,” said Dr. Wargotz.

Dr. Wargotz thinks that General McChrystal, like many in command, voiced his frustration over a war being run by “arm chair quarterbacks instead of the quarterbacks on the field.”  Although he didn’t condone McChrystal’s ill-advised remarks, he believes that there was some validity to his statements and that the Administration should have been listening to his perspective.

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4 Responses to “Maryland Senatorial Candidate Eric Wargotz Wants to See Less Whining by the Obama Administration”
  1. Scott Strzelczyk says:

    The poll referenced in the article by Wargotz was conducted by the Tarrance Group. Wargotz is not a client of that group nor was Wargotz authorized to use the poll results. Furthermore, the Tarrance Group pointed out how the misuse of the poll results misled Maryland voters.

    The sample size in Baltimore County was 41 people. Baltimore County has 136,000 registered Republicans and somewhere around 300,000 registered democrats. And, according to the Wargotz press release (which was later pulled by Wargotz after the Tarrance Group refuted Wargotz’s claims) he had 34% of the vote and Mikulski 31% of the vote. Well, 34% of 41 people polled equates to 14 people. And the 31% Mikulski received equates to 13 people.

    Is that something to get excited about or what? 41 people out of 400,000 to 500,000 thousand voters.

  2. Pete says:

    Numbers do not lie. I have seen all the results and the press releases and the comments. Like I said, reality is, numbers do not lie. Wargotz is ahead and I agree that is encouraging for all of us. I understand more data to come.

  3. Matthew E Maloof says:

    July 13, 2010
    Mikulski has 25-point lead over next challenger

    Speaking of polls, a new survey by Rasmussen Reports indicates Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski appears to have little to worry about at this stage of her bid for a fifth term.

    The telephone poll of 500 likely voters in Maryland conducted July 8 showed Mikulski with a 25 point lead over Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Eric Wargotz, perhaps her best-known Republican challenger. Fifty-eight percent planned to vote for Mikulski, 33 percent for Wargotz and 2 percent for some other candidate. Seven percent were undecided.

    The margin is similar to that in February, Rasmussen’s only previous report on the Maryland Senate race, when Mikulski had a 54-33 advantage over a generic Republican candidate.

    To go with the solid support of the state’s Democratic majority, Mikulski enjoys a 53-28 edge among voters not affiliated with either major party, according to the July survey.

    Other findings from Rasmussen, which reported Monday that the race between Repubilcan former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley is a statistical dead heat:

    Forty-four percent of Maryland voters rate the economy as bad, and 42 percent say it is getting worse. Eleven percent view the economy as good, and 35 percent say it is getting better. The responses are slightly more positive than the national view.

    Forty-two percent of Maryland voters believe the $787 billion economic stimulus plan helped the economy, 13 points higher than the national view. But only 32% say the government spending in the stimulus plan created new jobs. Forty-eight percent say it did not. Twenty-eight percent say the plan hurt the economy.

  4. Liza says:

    Yes, great to see Rasmussen looking at Wargotz V Mikulski. Interesting information. This is a low number for Mikulski at this point in an election cycle. Considering the last challenger, Senator Pipkin in 2006 only garnered a little over 33% in the general election, it would seem to me that this information gives the Wargotz folks and his supporters something to chew on and work towards overcoming in the next several months as they march towards the general election. Commissioner Wargotz, is clearly the primary leader and most credible in terms of experience in fiscal matters, ground support and dollars (albeit limited) among the 11 in the primary, His signage in the State is growing quickly as you might have noticed. I would say he “seems to own” the 50/301 corridor. It also appears that at this point, he really does have a shot at this if he can close the gap. I certainly wish him well and much luck and will do what I can to help him in the coming months.
    Best Wishes for a successful campaign and God-willing a win for all Marylanders.

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