Heartland Institute’s Jim Lakely Urges Americans to Seek out Truth about Global Warming.

Neal Asbury opened the show by questioning whether the speech made by President Obama this week in Cleveland was actually made by the President or was it a clone that had been replaced by aliens that abducted the real President Obama? With tongue firmly in cheek, Asbury suggested that his suspicions were aroused when he heard the cloned look-alike announce that small businesses needed tax relief since the private sector creates most of the jobs. “It was stunning. The original President Obama never said such things, especially since he never acknowledged that 70 percent of new jobs created in this country have historically been created by small businesses,” said Asbury.

Then Asbury was startled again to hear the “Obama clone” proclaim that it was time to shrink the federal government. “After racking up trillions and trillions of debt through out-of-control spending on stimulus programs, and on social programs that will double the Federal deficit, he said it was time to reduce the size of government?”

But the corker for Asbury was when the President clone said he is willing to extend George W. Bush-era tax cuts for most Americans, which “he had fought tooth and nail.”
But Asbury concluded by suggesting that like any good sci-fi film, there’s a surprise twist ending that explains everything. “The speech took place in Cleveland, Ohio. Why there? Oh…that’s the home state of his nemesis, House Minority Leader Republican John Boehner. And it’s where Democrats are trailing in all the polls over the economy in Ohio?” But then Asbury realized that he wasn’t hearing a clone at all, but instead: “It was the real President Obama saying anything that will get him and his fellow Democrats re-elected. It’s just pure politicking and he doesn’t believe any of it.”

Joining the show was James G Lakely, communications director for The Heartland Institute. Heartland’s mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems.

Lakely proudly proclaimed that the Heartland is “the burr in the side of Al Gore” for their ongoing campaign to discredit some common contentions that global warming is man-made. He suggested that most Americans should be sick and tired of claims made by the “global alarmist crowd that sugar-coat the global warming story with the sky-is-falling mentality about global warming and horror stories about glaciers melting away,” said Lakely, who joined Heartland in 2008 as managing editor of InfoTech & Telecom News and subsequently took on duties as a research fellow and the co-director of Heartland’s Center on the Digital Economy.

Lakely claims that the science about global warming is not settled, but most scientists concur that man is not responsible for the rise in the Earth’s temperatures. “The Earth may be warming, but it’s part of a warming cycle trend that has been building over the past 200 years. The blame is not man. It’s part of a natural cycle,” said Lakely.

One of the big problems inherent in the global warming discussion is that “every other month big data mistakes are unveiled,” said Lakely. This really undermines the authenticity of claims about global warming. Lakely invited listeners to visit globalwarmingheartland.com where scientists can post data so that it can be scrutinized by peers.

As for the Kyoto Accord, Lakely maintained that “saying the US is on board with Kyoto is like saying we’re on board for 8-track tapes. That train has left the station.”

Lakely is concerned that during the lame duck period surrounding the midterm elections Democrats will try and push through the Cap and Tax bill before they lose their majority. He urged Americans to watch this scenario and fight against it, as they are in Texas. “It will further wreck the economy and is based on bad science.”

Lakely is discouraged to see that the Obama administration “doesn’t just want to emulate today’s European economy, they want to copy the European economy of the 1970s. While America pushes a socialist agenda, Europe has rejected it and now is adopting the economic principles of Reaganomics.”
US companies are moving overseas to avoid America’s high tax rates, contends Lakely. “We have to cut the corporate tax rate if the US economy is going to recover. Money is just sitting on the sidelines because US companies fear economic doom. They will only start spending again when the government gets out of their way and lets small business determine their own futures.”

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