Former White House Press Secretary John Carlson: A Disastrous Future for California

Former White House Press Secretary John Carlson sees a Disastrous Future for California as it Struggles with Unemployment, Immigration and the Environment

Neal Asbury opened the show by declaring that he was saddened by President Obama’s performance during his Asian trip, where he failed to push the US agenda and have it supported by world leaders. “Our President was scolded by our global trading partners during the G-20 Summit. America is less and less a presence on the world stage. While other nations sent their A-team to negotiate, the US sent amateurs,” said Asbury. “Even China, which has a $270 billion trade surplus with the US, was able to stonewall any US initiative to control its manipulated currency.”

Asbury characterized Obama’s negotiations as “inept,” and was especially disheartened that after South Korea waited 3 years to join in a Free Trade Agreement with the US, it languished in Congress due to union interference.

“South Korea was made to look foolish and now South Korea has made the US look foolish. It showcases yet again the ineptness of the Obama administration,” added Asbury.
Neal’s first guest on Truth for America was John G Carlson, who has more than 30 years of domestic and international experience and was White House Assistant Press Secretary under President Nixon and was Deputy Press Secretary under President Ford.

Carlson was chagrined as anyone that California fails to catch the “Republican wave” that’s swept GOP candidates into the House. He noted that California faces three big challenges that hinder it from escaping its current financial dilemmas: 1) The unionization of the government, 2) illegal immigration, 3) environment regulatory issues.

“Our unemployment rate, at 12.4%, is the highest in the nation; we’ve lost 1/3 of our industrial base, and our citizens account for 1/3 of Americans on welfare. We also pay the highest income and sales taxes. Our government payroll structure is so out of control due to unionization, that government jobs pay 40% higher than in the private sector Some prison guards make more than $100,000 a year,” bemoaned Carlson.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor, Carlson said that most Californians had high hopes, but after battling against union dominance, Schwarzenegger gave up and moved his policies to the left.
­­Carlson noted that California’s illegal immigration picture is out of control. Almost 30% of California’s population is illegal immigrants, or about 6 million. In LA County alone, the annual cost of providing food stamps to illegal immigrants exceeds $52 million. Across California, it costs some $600 million a year for the education, healthcare and incarceration of illegal immigrants.

Carlson does not see conditions getting any better after the Democrats largely kept their seats in California. “Meg Whitman was pummeled by media, while Jerry Brown got a free pass. Carly Fiorina’s anti-Whitman commercials were pure lies,” said Carlson. “California has to stop electing and re-electing the wrong people.” Kaufman.

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