Florida Congressional Candidate Corey Poitier: “Bailouts are Bad”

Corey B. Poitier, a conservative Republican candidate for the Florida State Senate, District #35, joined Neal. No career politician, Corey is a school teacher and coach, who was born in Miami-Dade County and has lived in South Florida for 35 years.

Poitier decided to run for Congress after watching the Florida school system suffer due to waste and the power of teachers unions. He thought there was a better way to run the State.

He says that he has the passion and conviction that voters are looking for, especially his deep commitment to Israel, one of America’s most important allies. Poitier believes that that “there are too many politicians that are only in it for themselves.”

Recognizing that he is in a David vs. Goliath battle, he believes that being the only conservative candidate in the race will give him the edge. He also admits that being an African-American candidate has its own challenges, even with an African-American as President.

“People ask me how I can criticize a Black president. I tell them that it’s not the man, who is probably a good man and good father. But I can disagree with his misguided policies. I don’t like Obama’s bailouts. Bailouts are bad no matter how you label them.

Challenging Obama does not make me a racist,” says Poitier.

In fact, Poitier told his students that the election supported the idea that anyone can do anything. “It’s not about having a black feeling,” he adds.

Poitier suggests that people don’t understand Caribbean politics, which does not follow the traditional voting patterns of African-Americans. He said that Caribbean voters don’t vote for a party, they vote for the candidate. He hopes that his candidacy will give him the Caribbean votes he desires since they make up a large portion of his constituency.

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