California Congressman Tom McClintock: Jerry Brown Will Be What President Obama is to the Country

California Congressman Tom McClintock Predicts Jerry Brown will be to California what President Obama is to the Rest of the Country – A Big Wake Up Call

Neal Asbury opened the show by declaring that “Harry Reid is at it again—pushing for programs that are going against the will of the American people.” In particular, Asbury was aghast that Reid and fellow Democrats are trying to run out the clock by voting against extending the Bush tax cuts.

“By not extending the tax cut, it will hurt every American with higher taxes. In particular, it will hurt the 70 percent of small businesses that are the nation’s most prolific job generators. Positioning this as a tax just against taxpayers making more than $250,000 a year is a joke. It will hurt everyone,” said Asbury.

Meanwhile, Asbury wonders where the leadership is in the White House, and when they will wake up to the fact that this country doesn’t need more new taxes, it needs more economic activity to create jobs.

Neal’s first guest on Truth for America was Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA), who represents California’s 4th Congressional District. During 22 years in the California State Legislature, and as a candidate for governor in California’s historic recall election, Tom McClintock has become one of the most recognizable political leaders in California.

Congressman McClintock proposed that California should dominate the nation in world trade, but stifling regulations and high taxes are driving business out of the state. He joked: “California is the best place in the nation to build a small business, as long as you start with a big one.”

Congressman McClintock accused his fellow Republicans in California of losing their way and moving away from Republican core values. He noted that they supported unions, supported a California version of Cap and Trade, and moved to the left.

“Just wait to see what will happen in 2012 when California voters discover that newly elected governor Jerry Brown will be to California what President Obama is to the rest of the country – one big wake up call,” predicted Congressman McClintock.

Congressman McClintock proposed that Republicans have to get back to their core values of promoting individual freedom and limited government.

“If Democrats get their way new taxes are coming. The taxpayers most affected by a crushing tax increase are small businesses, exactly the wrong target. Even Bill Clinton recognized that, and of course, so as did Ronald Reagan, who used tax cuts to help us rebound from a floundering economy. When you reduce taxes, the economy grows,” said Congressman McClintock. He added that even Harry Truman knew the value of slashing Federal spending and even fired 10 million government workers in 1946.

Instead of following Truman’s path, Congressman McClintock said that President Obama was “playing back Herbert Hoover,” who chose a path of isolationism with the Smoot-Hartley Bill that is often seen as the catalyst for the Great Depression. This inability to understand the value of free marker trading was apparent at the G-20 summit where once again appeasement was shown never to be the solution for trade negotiations. In fact, Congressman McClintock noted that as China watches the US abandon its trade policies, once the envy of the world, they are turning to other partners, and even had the audacity to lecture the US on monetary manipulation when China is the very personification of a country that is constantly manipulating its own currency.

Congressman McClintock was adamant about the role Republicans will have in the House: repeal bad economic policies. “The Republican Party knows that voters gave us a second chance. We must be worthy of their trust. As Abraham Lincoln once wrote: ‘A House divided cannot stand.’ Our goal is to make sure that the House comes together — one way or another,” he concluded.

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2 Responses to “California Congressman Tom McClintock: Jerry Brown Will Be What President Obama is to the Country”
  1. Ohhhhh my, my…
    Where to start?

    Democrats are NOT causing a Tax increase; tis REPUBLICANS who yell about lowering the deficit while pushing tax breaks continue for wealthy. Two faced, each and every one.

    If you like Tom so well, and think he does a good job, which the reporting seems to shows, please ask him to run for office wherever you reside. He does not and never has lived in the district he now claims to represent….But he does not. He represents himself. Elected leaders in district are VERY upset he does not get a share at all, much less a fair share, of the taxes we send to DC. Tom will say, well we gotta stop sending the money, but that does not solve the problems faced by local elected folks who CANNOT count on Tom to look out for the welfare of the District.

    Then there is the folks just elected, like Tom, signing up for their GOVT Health Care, after running against, you guest it, Govt Health Care.

    I could go. Learn about a man before you put him on a pedestal.

    Take him, please! :)

  2. chris says:

    oh that would be just grrreat, heaven help california! glad i don’t live there anymore.

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