Neal Asbury Addresses The Global Summit: What Will It Take To Co-create A Sustainable Future?

The Global Summit is the transformational event of 2010, uniting influential leaders with those working on the front lines of the most critical social, economic, and environmental issues of our time.

San Francisco, CA – November 7-10, 2010, in its second biennial meeting in San Francisco, The Global Summit (, unites the most powerful visionary experts, grass-roots change makers, enlightened businesses and organizations to catalyze a whole system approach to a sustainable world. This three-day interactive symposium will deliver hands-on solutions, spur local action, share what works best and disseminate the most effective sustainable technologies on earth. The Global Summit will be held at the Fort Mason Center, Herbst Pavilion, preceded by a green carpet Reception & Concert at Vessel SF in Union Square on Nov. 7th.

Global leaders to lead key sessions include former Director of Policy to the Governor of California, Tal Finney; Former UNDP Deputy Regional Director for Africa, Scholastica Sylvan Kimaryo; NY Times Best Selling Author, John Perkins; Buckminster Fuller Protégé, Barbara Marx Hubbard; Founder of Global Exchange, Dr. Kevin Danaher; Free Enterprise Champion, Neal Asbury; CEO of Natural Logic, Gil Friend; Social Enterprise Luminary, Nick Jankel; President of the Future 500, Bill Shireman; Renowned Green Architect, Eric Corey Freed; Laureate Poet, Lucia De Garcia; CSAfrica Founder, Stephan McGuire; Author/ Leadership Visionary, Marta Monahan; Environmental Lecturer from The Islamia University Bahawalpur, Pakistan, Adila Shafqa; Climate Economist from Burkina Faso / University of Manchester, UK, Bachir Ismael Ouedraogo; Policy Director, Green-Collar Jobs Campaign/ Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Evelyn Marcelina Rangel-Medina and many more.

Forming a synergistic philanthropic partnership, The Global Summit “Synergy Fund” further rewards global participation in ’7 Stages to Sustainability’. Registrants of The Global Summit and online students of ’7 Stages to Sustainability’ trainings will be eligible for Synergy Grants. By advancing a common language for collaboration, the Synergy Fund reduces duplication and increases collective impact. To build critical mass, all donors are invited to align with Synergy Fund criteria.
And to forge immediate action, The Global Summit will host an evolutionary mix of social innovation processes. In a shift from top down lectures, The Global Summit program is highly interactive- engaging real-time, measurable input from all participants on key issues of the day.

For example, Tuesday AM’s New Economic Forum ignites a provocative debate on the World Trade Organization and Economic Justice between renowned Fair Trade Activist, Kevin Danaher and Free Market Champion, Neal Asbury. Moderated by former Director of Global Policy for the Governor of California, Tal Finney, this controversial session will engage the audience hands-on through collective intelligence voting / polling systems.
Igniting a two year civil society and corporate call to action to span the United Nations Conference of Parties (COP 16) in Mexico and Copenhagen in 2011, Representatives of the International Youth Council, Bill Shireman (President of Future500) and Gil Friend (CEO of Natural Logic), will lead a global call to action emphasizing community based and private sector solutions to climate change, during Day 3’s Environmental Forum.

The Global Summit will facilitate participant action around five core topics:

* Beyond Climate Change: Oceans, Bio-diversity & the 6th Great Extinction

* Redefining Human Security: Women’s Health, Child Development & Hunger

* Conflicts of Scarcity: Environmental Resources, Population & Human Rights

* Guarding our Freedoms: Speech, Press, Self-Governance & Technology

* Shifting Economies of Scale: Local Currencies, Global Markets & Bio-regional Trade

The Global Summit also presents the “Global Innovator Fast Pitch” allowing grass-roots innovators around the globe to “pitch” social innovations and use The Global Summit and its 501c3 producing organization, Empowerment WORKS as a fundraising platform.

Video Contest, Sustainable Technology Expo, multimedia demonstrations, interactive workshops, educational sessions, daily concerts, inspirational films & media, dance performances and art exhibitions featuring works previously displayed in Black Rock City, a.k.a. Burning Man.

A Sustainable, Sexy & Beyond Fair Trade™ Fashion Show kicks off the summit on November 8-10, 2010 and promises to be a fun and fashionable evening reception to welcome the 400 plus VIP supporters and global delegates attending the summit. The evening showcases designers and brands that support local producer groups and community-based solutions.

For The Global Summit Press, Program and Registration, visit:

The Global Summit‘s major partners include, Logic Wireless, Green2Gold (Sustainable Tech Expo), (Social Business and Economic Development) Turning the Wheel (Facilitation & Youth programming), GreenBash;, GreenMoney Journal, David Gibbons/ In Discussion Radio, Discover the Gift Film; GreenMoney Journal and (Media Sponsors).

For sponsorship inquiries, contact: Ryan Pulliam, / +1 (415) 816-4983.

The Global Summit is a 100% for-impact initiative. Co-created by Empowerment WORKS and dozens of Partners in Empowerment (PIE), all proceeds support sustainable development programs and education.

Launched in San Francisco Nov. 16-18, 2008 as a 3 day planning symposium, The Global Summit promotes best practices in locally-led sustainable development through collaboration and education in the 7 Stages to Sustainability personal, community, and economic development framework.

The Global Summit producing organization, Empowerment WORKS was founded in 2001 with a mission to advance a more interdisciplinary, collaborative, multi-sector, Local Asset Based approach to community development impacting our global economy, policy system, and society at large. This mission is realized through The Global Summit and Empowerment WORKS’ flagship community development approach and curriculum, Seven Stages to Sustainability (7SS).

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