What are Trade Unions Smoking?

Trade unions are in such deep decline that only seven percent of all U.S. private sector workers are now union members. That leaves ninety three percent of our workforce who are not eligible, interested or have rejected union membership. So unions are desperate to get more workers on the union rolls. How desperate?

Word comes from The Wall Street Journal that the Teamsters Union is trying to organize the forty employees of one of California’s largest marijuana growers. You read this right. Marjyn Investments, based in Oakland, which grows pot for medical uses, has allowed its employees to reach out to the Teamsters to form a union shop. The feeling from the company is that it will legitimize its business. Meanwhile, employees will get a raise in salary, health benefits and a pension.

While most police forces are opposed to companies growing an illegal drug, they should take heart. Unions have destroyed the U.S. automobile, steel, transportation and education systems. Once the unions start running pot growers, it’s only a matter of time before they destroy that industry as well.

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  1. Another View says:

    Although the comment posted here is statistically correct, it is a bit sensational and out of touch. I do not necessarily support unions but they do have their place. The reduction in membership stems from economic pressures and unions not getting that times have changed. People need jobs and can’t hold out for what the union may consider fair pay, etc. This then creates a condition that in the end will actually favor unionization. Once employers stretch pay downward it becomes abusive and unions find their new ground to work from.

    Unions have become closed minded and unfortunately can defeat themselves like many businesses that simply can’t adjust to changes when it is obvious that change is required. Their purpose in it’s most pure form is to prevent abuse by industry to its workers. Unions must never loose sight of this and know that they need to adapt based on the landscape of what is around them. If not they will go to waste. I have a neighbor that belongs to a construction union that threatens its members to avoid getting lower paying jobs when they have been out of work for more than a year. People need to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. There are too many people out of work and in this setting the unions just don;t get it. For every one union member who stays out of a job there are 5 or more non-union people waiting to take the job.

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