America in Wonderland

There is a new film rendition of “Alice in Wonderland” at theaters and it got me thinking how appropriate it was that “Alice in Wonderland” which was written by Lewis Carroll as a satire on English government and society, should be playing now.  As I see it there are quite a few parallels between Carroll’s book and America today.

First, it is not Alice that fell down the rabbit hole; it is the American people. We woke up after an election and found ourselves in a weird Wonderland. It is a place where up is down and down is up. Where play money is being used like real money.  Where jobs disappear and cannot be found.  Where all the people who like their health insurance are at risk of losing their coverage.  Where citizens that simply wish to exercise their democratic right are being lambasted as lunatics, racists and worse. Where instead of being able to run their businesses, entrepreneurs are discovering our government wants to run them instead.

The Queen of Hearts is played by Nancy Pelosi.  Like the Red Queen who bellows “Off with their head” to anyone who disagreed with her, Queen Pelosi threatens decapitation to anyone from either party that will not fall in lock-step with her plans.  Heads have already rolled with many more to follow!

The Cheshire Cat? President Obama. You see him making plans and passing policies but when it comes time for him to personally stand behind a program, he disappears.  All that is left is a big grin.

Who better than Rahm Emanuel to play the Mad Hatter?  He is the perfect host of the Mad Tea Party (how ironic!) where despite many chairs no one is allowed to sit.  It is like the Democratic Party; if you do not agree with 100 percent of their policies there is no room for you at the table. As should be expected many “guests” have chosen to leave the party rather than join. And if you are a Republican there will never be a seat for you at this table.

I thought that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would make the perfect Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum but I already found a role for Pelosi, so the new duo will be Harry Reid and Joe Biden.  You can decide who is who.  But they both talk in riddles that nobody can understand.

And the White Rabbit who proclaims “I am late, I am late for a very important date?” It is the Republican Party and the important date is November 2; the date of the mid-term elections. We only hope that the Republicans are on time (and on message) so we can all escape from the rabbit hole of despair.

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