When You Lose This Game, Everyone Loses

Let’s say your favorite football team announces that they have fired the entire coaching staff. In their place, they have hired a staff where only one new coach has ever played football. The rest just followed the team by watching games from the safety of their couch. Would you be looking for a Super Bowl appearance this year? But suppose the country elected a president whose primary job was to jumpstart the economy by creating jobs –especially in the small business sector where 75% of new jobs are created. Wouldn’t you expect him to surround himself with a staff with deep business experience that have actually run companies and understood the dynamics of P&L? Then folks, welcome to the Obama Bowl.

A recent study took a look at past administrations to identify those US presidents who recognized the importance of surrounding himself with a cabinet with hands-on business experience. The results are revealing. Which five administrations had the highest percentage of cabinet members with business expertise. Here they are in order:

  • Dwight Eisenhower – 57%
  • Ronald Reagan – 56%
  • GW Bush – 55%
  • Richard Nixon – 53%
  • GH Bush – 51%

Notice anything striking about this list? Just study their political affiliation and the answer will come to you quickly. So which five presidents had the lowest percentage of cabinet members with business experience?

  • Bill Clinton – 39%
  • Teddy Roosevelt – 38%
  • Jimmy Carter – 32%
  • JFK – 30%
  • Barack Obama – 8%

Notice the pattern of political affiliations with this group?

The question that the study asks, and rightfully so is:

“How can the president of a major nation an/or society…the one with the most successful economic system in world history… stand and talk about business when he’s never worked for one?”

If you go back to our football analogy, when the team doesn’t win, the coaches usually get fired. Shouldn’t the team’s owners (the American people) have the right to fire their coach? Well, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The November mid-term election, which coincides with the start of the NFL season, would be the perfect time to put our “coach” on notice and send a strong signal that his time is limited. Let’s get our team playing from a position of strength and turn this season around before its lost—and with it, millions of potential jobs. Get in the game and vote!!

-Neal Asbury

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