What You Should Know About Universal Healthcare Will Make You Sick

We’re on our way to universal healthcare. And on the fast road back to 20th century medicine. If you’re still naive enough to believe that consumers in England and Canada are basking in low cost universal health benefits, a recent sobering study by the United Nations International Health Organization shows that these patients are paying a steep price for their limited access to diagnoses and treatment that may actually be impacting their quality of life and in some cases, cutting their lives short.

As an example, the percentage rate for US men and women who survived cancer for more than five years is 65 percent. It’s only 46 percent in England, and 42 percent in Canada.

If you have diabetes in England and Canada you are out of luck. While 93 percent of US patients diagnosed with diabetes get treatment within six months, in Canada it’s 43 percent, and in England, an abysmal 15 percent.

Need a hip replacement? You better not be living in England where only 15 percent of patients get a hip replacement within six months. In Canada it’s 43 percent. In the US, it’s 90 percent!!
If you want to see a medical specialist in the US, 77 percent of patients can see one within one month. In Canada, only 43 percent will see a specialist within one month. In England, only 40 percent will get specialized medical attention. If you think finding a good restaurant in England is hard, try finding an MRI scanner. There are only 14 for every million consumers. In Canada, it’s 18 per one million. In the good old US, it’s 71 per one million.

Finally, despite news that purports that US seniors with limited incomes aren’t getting quality healthcare, 12 percent of Americans over the age of 65 say they are in “excellent health.” In England, only two percent.

But before we start celebrating the condition of our US healthcare delivery system, remember this is based on the system we have TODAY. Once universal healthcare mandates takes effect in the US, we’ll be living the nightmares of patients in England and Canada. But there is some good news: you’ll have lots of extra time on your hands to look for specialists, surgeons and MRI scanners.


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