Recovery Cover Up: Temp Jobs

When talking about truth, are we really going to believe that jobs are being created because the economy added 162,000 jobs in March? The truth is that most of those jobs were temporary positions with the Census Bureau. Those aren’t jobs. Those are federal paid internships. And by this fall, those jobs will disappear.

You know what other jobs will be disappearing? State jobs, because states need to shed workers to deal with huge budget deficits. Already in March, state and local governments shed 9,000 jobs.

Come on folks, the government doesn’t create jobs. We all know that private-sector temporary jobs won’t become permanent unless employers see steady economic growth. And that’s not something we’ve seen with the ineffective stimulus plan.

We all know the solution. We talk about it all the time on the show. It’s very easy to understand. It’s the Neal Asbury Five Step solution:

  1. Small business creates 75 percent of all jobs. So Congress needs to increase aid to small business.
  2. The Treasury should redeploy bank bailout money for small business loans.
  3. Take the crushing tax burden off of small business so they can hire.
  4. Open up new foreign markets by passing new free trade agreements and ratifying the three trade agreements languishing in Congress.
  5. Give America hope that the American Dream is alive and well and that our best days are ahead of us.
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