Obama Turns Blind Eye to Union-Backed Card Check

Despite Widespread Opposition From Business and Congress Obama Turns Blind Eye to Union-Backed Card Check

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about President Obama it is once he proposes an idea, no matter how unpopular it is, he is unwilling to listen to the people. The Cap and Tax bill, even though it doesn’t have the votes in the Senate and is derided by members of both parties, is still on the active list.

Now we learn the Card Check bill, which gives labor unions the power to create a union through a simple majority via an open vote that intimidates workers, is alive and flying under the radar. How can this be? All you have to do is recognize that the President appointed Craig Becker, a union lawyer with deep sympathies for the unions, to head the National Labor Relations Board. Do you want to know how bad an appointment this was? Even Democrats voted against him when he was first proposed for the NLRB job. Yet, during a March recess, Becker was secretly appointed.

The result of this union loving appointment? Card check has been recognized in 1,111 cases, and an important court case involving Dana Corporation overturned a previous ruling that rejected Card Check. But the story doesn’t end yet. Workers are fighting back. In 15 forced elections, workers have rejected the union and in two cases rejected the union that brought up the card check action and went with a different union. Card check is a terrible idea that deprives workers of the secret ballot and will ultimately continue to negatively impact job creation. If there is any doubt that unions hold sway over the President’s decision making, this should convince you. And that’s bad news for everyone that wants to see a revitalized American economy.

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