Neal Asbury speaking at the Global Summit II on November 9th 2010

The Global Summit II is entitled “Humanity Uniting for a Sustainable Future”. It’s focus is on creating global partnerships and local program support systems to unite powerful grass-roots stakeholders and co-create a sustainable future.

The Global Summit is a biannual event, and this year it will be held at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, California.

Council topics range from ecological and agricultural subjects like Bio-diversity, Climate Change, and Food Security to the economic subjects of Scarcity, Conflict, Reconciling Local Living Economies and our Global Currency System, and Oil and Bio-Regional Trade. Additional council topics include Free Speech, Free Press, and Self-Governance.

Participants across a multitude of disciplines share the same objectives for the Global Summit. Each member seeks “solutions to the issues that affect them most.” For Asbury the summit is an opportunity to work with individuals equally passionate about global trade and entrepreneurship.

Focused discussions will be instrumental in identifying the root causes of worldwide problems and they are the first step in constructing a better future.

One of the most anticipated sessions of the conference is that of Neal Asbury, a prominent talk show host, author, and free enterprise champion and renowned Anti-WTO and Human Rights Activist and Founder of Global Exchange, Dr. Kevin Danaher. They will engage in a dynamic WTO debate during a key session of the summit.

Together, Asbury and the other participants will demonstrate the true power of initiative as they “provide [a] new model for global cooperation & policy making.”

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