Neal Asbury is on You Tube

Neal Asbury is now streaming content via You Tube.

In an effort to make the principles of “Conscientious Equity” universally accessible Neal Asbury, prominent entrepreneur, talk radio host, and author has made his commentary available on You Tube.

Asbury’s first video, “Conscientious Equity” became available July 28, 2010.  Since then four videos have been added and have received positive viewer responses.
The additional videos include “Genesis of the American Spirit”, “Tough Enough”, “The 2 Mr. Friedman’s” and “Morphine Economics”. Each video features candid responses to the questions and concerns on the minds of many viewers.

In the “Conscientious Equity” video for example, Asbury shares what he calls “universal principles” that unite people across different cultures. All people seek a job that gives them a sense of dignity, purpose, and the ability to provide for their families. We all want clean air and water and to live without fear that our lives will be ruled by despotic dictators.

Asbury argues that individuals caneverywhere achieve collective success through the opportunities and exchanges that are facilitated by freely flowing trade and entrepreneurship.
Furthermore, he states that success is not constrained by boundaries but by lack of leadership and vision. Asbury points to “Conscientious Equity” as the vision by which we can bring our ideal world to life.

To learn more about the principles behind Asbury’s “Conscientious Equity” visit

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