Neal Asbury Featured on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart

My objection to the New York City Mosque is not a legal objection. We all know those that wish to build the Mosque are within their legal and constitutional rights. My problem stems from the simple concept of what is right and decent. The proposed Mosque is a couple blocks away from where a terrible and heinous war was begun on our soil. A war we did not invite or wish to fight. It is a war that is still raging. July was the deadliest month for Americans losses in Afghanistan since the war began. On June 7th is surpassed Vietnam as our longest war. We must never give aid and comfort to our enemies especially when Americans are now dying every day to defend us. The question for me is not if you are for or against the Mosque, our extremist enemies will see this as an important victory. This is the wrong Mosque, at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Once we have won the war and our nation has healed, let’s reconsider at that time

Those behind this project should be sensitive to the vast majority of Americans for which this has touched a raw nerve.

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  1. Yvonne Fowler says:

    Thank you Neal for your insightful writing. I pray that all would come to see the same simple concept and its righteousness. I cannot help but fear for those who take these things so lightly, and as unimportant news for America. The real change needed would be for Americans to return to, hold dear to the right and decent morals of our once great country. Let’s all take heed to the action of renewing and reviving our world each and every day with the certainty that we will be victorious.

  2. Madeline Bratter says:

    New York Liberals, all Liberals have gone completely bonkers. If that mosque is built they have won and our future is very dim, do all you idiots in New York just forget the Islamic maniac that left a car with a bomb in the middle of Time Square, this war is far from over and we should not me aiding our enemy’s to kill more American Citizens. All the rich liberals live in their ivory towers and have enough money to flee if things here get really bad, but what about poor folk, what do we do were stuck here with your self serving righteous decisions, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Its enough already we are the good guys we fight the bad guys this is a simple concept we do not help the bad guys build foundations for their terrior.

  3. Chad says:

    Or we could simply stop and ask ourselves whether or not we’re painting all adherents of the Islamic faith as terrorists who wish us dead. This is not an issue about Al Qaeda building a victory statue in New York. This is about people wanting to build a religious building in their community and whose only connection to the 9/11 terrorists is almost-but-not-quite sharing a similar religion.

    The word muslim does not equal terrorist.

  4. Dennis says:

    Stewart, as usual, just doesn’t get it, as most progressive/socilists. Stewart must ask himself the following question; ” If the jihadists don’t care either way, then why so adament about buiding their community center 2 blocks from the GZ memorial?” They do care, they do view buiding it as a victory as they have done over time when buiding mosques over other religious churches they have conquered. Again, the likes of Stewart don’t get it and never will. Hopeless.

    Not to worry, this will never happen at the controversial site. The jihadists will fully understand that they will never be victorious over Americans who 24/7 defend her ideals, values and founding principles. We’ve dealt with the likes of jihadists before and were victorius. We will deal with the likes of them again and again.

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