Is China Going Green…Or Just Going Under?

China likes to make noise that they are adopting “Green” standards that will take the target off their backs from environmental groups who see China as the world’s leading polluter. Just recently they announced they are closing down 2,000 steel mills and other industrial sites that are polluting the skies. Green initiative or propaganda? You choose.

The latest report out of China, as detailed in news reports, is that during the first half of 2010, China’s air quality actually deteriorated. In fact, for the first time in five years, acid rain is now making life miserable in more than 200 of its 440 cities.

I’ve seen this first hand during many visits to China and I can tell you it is a nightmare. A yellow mist hangs over its cities making it nearly impossible to breathe. People walk the streets choking while wearing masks. Pulmonary disease is off the charts.

Now comes word that a quarter of the nation’s surface water is contaminated. This will only add to their misery.

China put its priorities in the wrong order. They focused all their attention on supporting their manufacturing industries without thinking of ways to support the health of its citizens. This not only will harm today’s and future generations, but will doom the rest of the world as well if they don’t quickly learn some lessons about balancing their economic might with respect for the well being of everyone.

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