Can You Hear Us Now?

I have repeatedly taken President Obama to task for not listening to the will of the American people. Now after the drubbing Democrats took in the House (the largest reversal in party change since the 1930s), he better be listening now! He better be listening that the American people don’t want a socialist agenda, don’t want Cap and Trade, don’t want Card Check, and don’t want Obama Care. It’s time for him to start spending more time doing what is best for the American people –and that means job creation.

The message from the American people is loud and clear: We don’t like the direction this country is heading and it needs to be adjusted.

If you want to get to know someone who gets it and who has a bright political future, I hope you all were able to hear Florida Senate winner Marco Rubio’s gracious acceptance speech. Truth for America endorsed Marco early on when he was down by 30 points, but his message energized Florida voters and he won by double figures. He rightfully told supporters that “it’s not about political parties – it’s about Washington doing the will of the people.”

While it’s gratifying to see that the people have spoken and taken back the House, this is not the time to gloat. It’s time to watch our representatives closely to make sure that they don’t fall into bad habits. The Republican Party sees this as a chance to correct the mistakes they made the first time around. Now it’s time for them to do the jobs for which they were elected. Let’s get this country moving again.

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