A Mid-Term Ballot Initiative That Deserves Our Attention

I have often taken big labor unions to task for trying to pass the insidious “card check” bill that would deprive workers of their constitutional right for secret ballots when it comes to voting for unionization. Despite the fact that less than 7.5% of private workers now wear the union label, they’ve been able to get the Obama Administration behind this terrible piece of doomed legislation.

That is why it is important to keep your eyes on Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah, which will vote on November 2nd on ballot initiatives to block union “card check” elections in their states.

The four “save our secret ballot” initiatives on the November ballot, as they are called, would provide constitutional protection for secret ballot elections before a union is certified. The South Dakota proposal, for example, would amend the state constitution by stating that in union elections “the fundamental right of the individual to vote by secret ballot is guaranteed.”

As the Wall Street Journal writes: “These measures have the added benefit of helping to keep businesses and jobs in these states. Private employment grew 3.7% in states with right-to-work laws in the last decade compared to a decline of 2.8% in states that have more favorable organizing laws, according to data from the National Right to Work Foundation. Think about the auto industry job losses in Michigan versus the auto job gains in Texas or Mississippi.”

If you live in any of these four states, get together with your neighbors and vote for the passage of the “save our secret ballot” initiatives. We need to restore the secret ballot, and thereby restore American jobs.

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