“Conscientious Equity” Now Available!

Dear Readers,

“Conscientious Equity: An American Entrepreneur’s Solution to the World’s Greatest Problems” is about the power for positive change in a world driven by commerce and free enterprise. We must look past worn-out political ideologies to find solutions to the destabilizing issues that plague our planet-crippling corruption, poverty, and environmental plunder. But in a larger sense, “Conscientious Equity” is about awareness, understanding, and action. Too often we are consumed by the happenings within our micro-environment and become blind to our roles and responsibilities in a global setting. Through “Conscientious Equity”, I address the consequences of the United State’s unbalanced approach to trade and how that adversely impacts millions of citizens everywhere.

With this book I share what I learned, through business initiatives in the US and abroad, and educate readers about the dynamics that will foster progress. Beyond awareness of the factors that influence international commerce, and an understanding of what needs to change, a number of deliberate actions are required to allow the entrepreneurial spirit to prosper. I believe the solution is “Conscientious Equity”, a bold and unprecedented way of conducting business and a powerful tool for change. “Conscientious” because it is the right thing to do, and “Equity” because we all have ownership in doing the right thing.

I strongly encourage everyone who is passionate and committed to tangible change on a global scale to take the first step toward a balanced economic future and purchase “Conscientious Equity: An American Entrepreneur’s Solution to the World’s Greatest Problems”, available November 9th 2010 through Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble and retailers near you.

Neal Asbury

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