A Call to Action

One of the overriding principles of a Democracy is the power of its citizenry to change the course of their country when they believe that it is heading in the wrong direction. That time has come for America. Amer icans can no longer s i t idly by as a few individual s take the country down a road that is diminishing its global and domestic leadership even as the average American is increasingly feeling powerless to change course. It is time for all Americans to become engaged in America’s future!

Now there is a power ful outlet for you to let your voice heard. The Neal Asbury Show empowers every citizen by giving them an outlet to share their ideas and shape the course of a nation! It’s called: TAKE ACTION!

TAKE ACTION! is a groundbreaking concept. It allows you to get involved by tapping into an up-to the-minute resource outlining the most pressing issues of our time. These are issues that affect all of us: including heal th care reform, fai r t rade, energy pol icy, and more! Learn more about policies that affect you today…and will affect you tomorrow. Let your voice be heard –all at your fingertips! Take Action! empowers you to directly influence our elected representatives by letting them know how you feel about their legislative decisions. Stop thinking about what needs to be done, and DO IT. Send letters directly to legislators and help them understand what Americans want for themselves and future generations. Send one letter…send ten letters…send a hundred! Through our database, we will guarantee that every letter reaches your intended recipient. Your opinion will matter!

Our nation was founded by ordinary citizens like you who saw troubles and joined together to address them. It starts with letting your elected representatives know that they are accountable for their decisions. If you want to ensure a secure a bright future for our nation, this future is worth fighting for. So get involved. Join with Americans across the country and like a true patriot, answer A Call to Action!

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