Preview – My Forthcoming Book: The World Is Tilted

The World is Tilted is an adventure story, the journey of a somewhat naïve and passionate young man straight out of college who finds himself on an international canvas confronting seemingly unbelievable extremes of poverty and wealth while hobnobbing with the likes of Nigerian tribal chiefs, corrupt government officials, and Saudi Arabian oil sheiks.

Filled with my observations, as well as specific ideas, on how to solve the American trade deficit, the book will encompass  my nearly 30 years of experiences traveling the globe and working with the governments and businesses of such far-flung countries as Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Venezuela, China and beyond as exporter for US companies into these markets.

The World is Tilted exposes the fallacies of current US foreign trade policy and the central argument of Thomas Friedman’s bestselling book, The World is Flat. I’ll trace the history of what I call ”America’s Anti-American Trade Policies” and show how Marshall Plan export economics have set the United States on a course toward more than $1 trillion in trade deficits.

The World is Tilted will also serve as a primer for readers on how foreign trade and the ridiculous deficits the US has incurred through its antiquated trade policies, affect everyone–in many ways…not only at the gas pump. Additionally, I’ll discuss the vicious circle of poverty and corruption and how trade policy feeds into this cycle. Finally, I’ll show how – if used correctly – trade policy can help break the cycle of corruption and poverty and, instead, create a greater prosperity for everyone, espcially those most in need of assistance.

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