Neal Asbury in The Miami Herald!

Now that he has been named the Small Business Association’s National Champion Exporter of the Year, Neal Asbury can also claim two other firsts.

Not only is his company, Greenfield World Trade, the first in the state to win the prestigious award, it is also the first time a food service equipment company has been given the honor.

”It’s something that will distinguish our company for years to come,” said Asbury, 50.

”It’s not just selling the product but working passionately to try to improve America’s position internationally as a country, trying to educate our citizens how better to trade and export so we can start to deal with this trade deficit we have,” he said.

Locally, he serves as chairman of the South Florida Chapter of the District Export Council and helped create the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export University program.  ”We are in one of the greatest trading cities in the world,” said Asbury, who also got to visit the White House as part of the honor.

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