Detroit Continues a Legacy of Inclusion

Some people count Detroit down and out. I’m not one of them. To do so would ignore the contributions that the American car manufacturing industry made to the world’s industrial and economic development. And its center was Detroit. Henry Ford is known as a visionary inventor, but he also saw the wisdom in creating a diverse workforce. According to a Ford Motor historical perspective, since its founding in 1903, “Ford has established itself as a premier American... Read More

Innovation Drives Our Economy

The Business Roundtable recently proposed that the United States is the world’s innovation leader because of a commitment to basic research, a world-class workforce and a climate that rewards innovation. This sense of pride has been eclipsed by a feeling of economic pessimism manifesting itself in a perceived lack of innovation from our private sector, and especially by our entrepreneurs. Let’s look back to one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs: Henry Ford.... Read More

Detroit Really Needs Another Henry Ford

Every American should be sickened by the news that Detroit is bankrupt. What was once the envy of the world for its pioneering automobile industry has become a showcase of empty buildings, abandoned neighborhoods, and high crime. What went wrong? In one word: unions. At the start of the 20th century, Henry Ford recognized that innovation and a productive work force was a winning combination. According to Ford Motor Co.’s own overview: “Early on, Ford had shocked... Read More