When You Lose This Game, Everyone Loses

When You Lose This Game, Everyone Loses

Let’s say your favorite football team announces that they have fired the entire coaching staff. In their place, they have hired a staff where only one new coach has ever played football. The rest just followed the team by watching games from the safety of their couch. Would you be looking for a Super Bowl appearance this year? But suppose the country elected a president whose primary job was to jumpstart the economy by creating jobs –especially in the small business sector where 75% of new jobs are created. Wouldn’t you expect him to surround himself with a staff with deep business experience that have actually run companies and understood the dynamics of P&L? Then folks, welcome to the Obama Bowl. A recent study took a look at past administrations to identify those US presidents... Read More

What You Should Know About Universal Healthcare Will Make You Sick

What You Should Know About Universal Healthcare Will Make You Sick

We’re on our way to universal healthcare. And on the fast road back to 20th century medicine. If you’re still naive enough to believe that consumers in England and Canada are basking in low cost universal health benefits, a recent sobering study by the United Nations International Health Organization shows that these patients are paying a steep price for their limited access to diagnoses and treatment that may actually be impacting their quality of life and in some cases, cutting their lives short. As an example, the percentage rate for US men and women who survived cancer for more than five years is 65 percent. It’s only 46 percent in England, and 42 percent in Canada. If you have diabetes in England and Canada you are out of luck. While 93 percent of US patients diagnosed with diabetes... Read More

Invisible Jobs and Shadow Unemployment

Following the Obama Administration’s proclamation that jobs are being created is like being a Ghost Buster – we are chasing invisible jobs! If there are 640,000 new jobs created under the stimulus package, as the Obama Administration contends, then they must be in the witness protection program. The latest labor figures from The Wall Street Journal suggest that if we factor in December’s loss of 85,000 jobs, then between December 2007 (when the recession began) and December 2009, there were 7.2 million fewer jobs. The paper further reports “A broader measure of unemployment, including those who have quit job hunting as well as those working part time because they cannot find full-time work, remained about the same at 17.3 percent in December from 17.2 percent in November.” In addition... Read More

Exporting Gets a Charge

With sales sluggish early this year, Ariel Ozick took a gamble. The CEO of a Newark, Del., search marketing firm, Ozick began looking for new clients in Ireland, England, Scotland and Australia. Though he recognized the challenges of working abroad, which include everything from complying with international tax laws to the vagaries of currency exchanges, Ozick needed the new business. There have already been some bumps. While the 16-nation euro-zone, which includes Ireland, began pulling itself out of the recession in the third quarter, the U.K.’s economy shrunk 0.4%. Still, there has been enough new business for Ozick’s firm, Wired Rhino, that the CEO feels he’s achieved his goal. “We wanted to diversify our revenue streams and be less dependent on one country’s... Read More

Rep. Tom Price on Healthcare

Physicians leaving the medical practice en masse, higher taxes to support a $1 trillion bill, and taking away the freedom of choice to seek care for you and your family. This nightmare scenario is on a path to becoming reality and unless Americans like us stand up for our country, this is the harsh certainty we will face. In the words of Representative Tom Price, the current health care legislation will “destroy health care in this nation.” Don’t believe it? Representative Price makes a pretty good argument, so watch for yourself…  Read More

Obama Takes Aim at Private Insurance

Not long ago, President Obama was a proponent of a single payer health care system.  Today, he says he supports both a public and private option.  On such an important issue we can not afford to have ambiguity.  Is Obama setting himself up for an eventual single payer health care system? Is his goal to ultimately eliminate private health insurance?  You be the judge…  Read More

Organizational Chart of the House Democrats Health Plan

Organizational Chart of the House Democrats Health Plan. Courtesy of The Neal Asbury Show frequent guest U.S Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) from Houston.  Read More